Its been years I wrote this, hopefully I will update it soon. But hey I am on twitter - https://twitter.com/ashfame



Howdy! My name is Ashish Saini aka Ashfame. I love computing and want to dominate in my discipline. To be more specific, I am a jack of all trades but I love programming, web designing & blogging.

I completed my B.Tech (Hons) from Jaipur Engineering College, Kukas in 2010. I have started my journey as an entrepreneur since then.

I am up for hire if you need to build up a project using WordPress, bbPress or BuddyPress. Be it a website or blog, if you want serious development, talk to me.

You can connect with me here : LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | StumbleUpon | Last.fm

My Portfolio hasn't been updated for a long time, if you need work samples, you can ask for them. Please use the Contact Page to get in touch.