bbPress Resource Page

I am creating this page so as to serve it as the one resource page for using bbPress. I use it, I mod it, I love it.

bbPress Installation

Integration with WordPress

One of the most biggest advantage of using bbPress with your existing WordPress setup is that bbPress integrates very well with WordPress.

Read Advantages of integrating bbPress with WordPress.

Earlier integration was not a feature out of box and was done either by elevating bbPress login mechanism or by degrading WordPress login mechanism.

Simple Integration

Integrate bbPress 0.9 with WordPress 2.6 & WordPress 2.7

(Done with the help of a plugin)

Integrate bbPress 1.0 with WordPress 2.8 & WordPress 2.9

(Integration is now a Out of the box feature)

If you want to upgrade your installations just upgrade them normally, they should remain integrated after upgradation. And if you are upgrading from the former setup (bbPress 0.9 | WordPress 2.6 or 2.7) to later (bbPress 1.0 | WordPress 2.8 or 2.9), then you can read upgrading exiting bbPress and WordPress integrated installs.

Deep Integration

In deep integration, we tell the bbPress to load WordPress and vice versa or just one way so as that both WordPress & bbPress are loaded on each page load and there respective things can used anywhere. It do make things easy but its an serious overhead for a good traffic site as it counts for increased usage of resources on each page load.

Advantages and Disadvantages of deep integration

Deep Integration of bbPress with WordPress

In order to avoid deep integration, you can mimic the functionality needed in bbPress itself. Read Showing bbPress content inside WordPress.

Designing bbPress theme

Fixing bbPress Issues

bbPress Plugins