What to do when your mouse or keyboard stops working?

Getting a working mouse or keyboard is the best option but what if you need to do something urgently. Lets take a look at both the cases one by one. We are not going to use any third party application but just windows built in tools to achieve the goal.

What to do when your keyboard stops working?

This can even work when only some of your keys are not working as they are meant to. Windows come with an on-screen keyboard that you can click on and it acts as if you have pressed those keys from your keyboard. You can run the on-screen keyboard by typing osk in the Run dialog box. Press Win + R > osk.


Alternatively you can run it from

Start > Programs > Accessories > Accessibility > On-Screen Keyboard.


What to do when your mouse stops working?

You can do almost every thing without mouse with the help of shortcuts. Here are some of the shortcuts:

  • Win + E Open Explorer
  • Alt + Tab Switch Windows
  • Ctrl + Tab Switch between Desktop Icons, Start Menu, Quick Launch & System Tray
  • Win + D Minimize All
  • Shift + F10 Right Click (Although keyboard comes with a separate right click button)
  • Alt + F4 Close current application
  • Alt + Space bar Gives the option of maximizing, minimizing and closing the window
  • Ctrl + C Copy
  • Ctrl + X Cut
  • Ctrl + Z Undo
  • Ctrl + V Paste
  • Ctrl + A Select All
  • Hold Ctrl & Select by Space bar to select multiple items
  • Hold Alt & a single key for selecting menu in Menu bar

If you find shortcuts hard to remember, then you can use your numpad as a mouse. To activate it, press Left Shift + Left Alt + Num Lock. Pressing Right Shift & Alt button will not work. Now you can move your pointer through the following keys:

2 = Move Down 8 = Move Up 4 = Move Left 6 = Move Right 7 = Move Top Left Diagonally 9 = Move Top Right Diagonally 1 = Move Bottom Left Diagonally 3 = Move Bottom Right Diagonally 5 = Single Left Click + = Double Click - = Right Click

Press the combination again to disable. By default, the mouse pointer is set to move very slowly. You can change the settings so that it moves faster. To change the setting, Go to Control Panel > Accessibility Options.


Select the Mouse tab and click Settings.


Increase both the sliders of Top Speed and Acceleration to the right for maximum speed and acceleration. You can change them as per your need but their maximum value doesn't make the mouse pointer moves fast. So you can select the maximum values without thinking.

I have myself used on-screen keyboard for more than a week and regarding the scenario when mouse don't work , I prefer shortcuts. Even when the mouse is in absolute fine condition, I stick to keyboard only. What about you? Have you ever been into such a scenario? Do share with us in the comments.

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