Deploying to AWS lambdas to multiple regions in one go

Deploying your code to AWS Lambdas to multiple regions using a CLI ?

Keeping tab on Google Analytics Realtime view without staring at it

Contains Embedded Gist of Javascript code + GIF of the end-result in action

Setting cron to be run as root

In Linux based distros, its very simple to setup cron for repeated tasks by using crontab -e for editing the crontab of the current user as you are logged in. You can view the contents of your crontab by crontab -l. But if you need to call something with root privileges, its as simple as […]

Verify sending domain inside Mandrill without email hosting

Mandrill has enforced upon us that the only way to verify a sending-domain (domain used to send emails from) is by getting an email sent by them on an email of the sending-domain in use. So, if you use example.org or something.example.org to send emails, you can now only verify your sending-domain, by receiving an […]

Store Just WordPress Transients Persistently

WordPress comes with an option of keeping cache in a persistent storage, if provided. It provides a great deal of performance since everything that WordPress was doing repeatedly on each page request now can be saved in the persistent cache storage (APC / Memcached / Redis) and retrieve easily & very fastly without doing much […]

Override WP-CLI commands

If you already don't know about WP-CLI, its a pretty great tool to manage a WordPress install via terminal commands. This essentially gives you a lot of power enabling you to interact with the WordPress install just by commands and not having to interact with UI at all. Read more at WP-CLI's homepage. It can […]

Filtering transient expiration time in WordPress

As of now WordPress, doesn't offer a filter to control the expiration of the transient while its being set, so I quickly wanted to share a quick snippet I found on Trac, written by Andrew Nacin. Here is the snippet: Basically, 'set_transient_' . $transient hook is fired once the transient gets saved, so it saves […]