Install / Change bbPress to a different language

Today I am going to write a quick post on how one can switch the language in bbPress forums as I saw someone asking about it on bbPress.org official forums. Installing bbPress in a different language or changing it to a different language in an already installed bbPress follows exactly the same procedure. There is […]

[bbPress Plugin] Remove meta generator tag

Flaws are everywhere. The point is how quickly they are fixed but it seems that some users are lazy enough not to upgrade or go on for a vacation before they decide to update. bbPress adds a meta generator tag to the page which shows up the bbPress version but it is advised to remove […]

Show content on basis of logged in status of users in bbPress

No big deal here, just basic php stuff here. Here I will show how to use bb_is_user_logged_in function to dynamically produce output on the basis that the user is logged in or not. Example #1 (Show ads only for non-logged in members and not for logged in members) Example #2 (Show some content only if […]

Programming Contests, Challenges and Online Judges

I can call myself a programmer, not the one who can stand & kick ass but yeah who can code & develop algorithms. I always wanted to improve on my skill set but never got the time to practice. Now I think I will be doing that forgotten thing whenever I have time. I came […]