Download Manager myth

Download Managers or Download Accelerator claims to download your file up to 350% faster or even more. Do they really work? Always? How do they work? This post is for busting the myth that download managers always help to improve your speed and you won’t get full speed if you don’t use it. This thing […]

Internet Speed myth

I am writing about another myth after a long time. I get the urge of killing a myth when I really get inspired to so in my offline world. This myth buster is inspired by another one which will follow up. This post is for the people who tends to get in the catch of […]

Hibernation – Enabling and Benefits [Explained]

What is the most obvious thing that even a noob can do on a computer? Well, Shutdown & Restart can be called as the answer other than powering ON. Keeping the noobs aside, have you ever used Standby feature? Many of your might give affirmative replies but do you know there is another state in […]

Myth about Right Click > Refresh

I have seen many all computer users around me doing tons of refreshes thinking that they are speeding up the process. Time to throw some light on it. 😎 What you do? You clicked on something which is taking a while to load and there you start refreshing it. What you think? It is going […]

Myth about Download Managers

  Every download manager claims to increase the download speed multiple times. Surely they are of great help and can’t think of myself without one. But this post targets the users which are from countries like India where high speed internet is still yet to see all over the country.