Show custom excerpts of the post in WordPress

When WordPress is used as a CMS, then we no longer wants the homepage to be a chronological order of posts. We would want the homepage to be something which serves the purpose of telling everything about itself. Certainly that should have a section where blog updates are being highlighted either with excerpt or with […]

Building a FrontPage using WordPress

This tutorial assumes that you are comfortable enough in designing WordPress themes. I suggest you take the hang of both the methods and decide which one you want to go with. Technically I haven’t come up with any limitation of expanding WordPress capabilities that one may face by using either of the method. We will […]

Page template usage in WordPress

How does a normal WordPress page look like? Header, content, sidebar and footer. What if you want a different layout for a particular page or a set of pages. A different sidebar or multiple sidebar or no sidebar at all? Different styling and arrangement of other things (purely CSS based)? Anything different from the regular […]

WordPress as CMS basic Setup

Two things you would like to setup before you move on with the series is to select your permalink settings and the way you can setup WordPress to act both as CMS and regular blogging engine.

WordPress CMS Series

I am starting this series so as to demonstrate the capabilities of using WordPress as CMS coupled up with other scripts (like forum script bbPress). The series will begin with the implementation details of WordPress and bbPress in my recent project Need A Project (a site for students looking to improve their coding skills). Then […]