Process Lasso – Manage your multi core CPUs effectively

Many of us uses dual core or quad core processors. The reason being simple that they are better in terms of performance but I would like to point out that the potential of multi core CPUs are not being effectively utilized. The OS are smart enough to use them but we and our programs don’t […]

Intel Launches 16 Penryn Based Processors

(Click to enlarge) (Full details on all the parts, along with quantity pricing and FSB details)   [Source] Starting from November 12th, Intel will launch 16 new Penryn based processors. The initial launch will primarily be Xeon processors, but one desktop processor, the QX9650 is also being launched. The new Penryn based processors feature Intel’s […]

Short Guide for buying RAM

Random Access memory (RAM) is the main memory of a PC where every thing is loaded before it can be processed. Everybody knows there are lots of processes running in the background than it appears. Applications nowadays are resource hungry, they demand like anything. So, your 1yr old PC will not win the battle with […]