How to setup Gmail in your smartphone

gmailIn my quest of blogging through my cell phone only, I am setting up the built in email & chat applications to be use without installing any application on my phone. Every phone has built in applications for email and chat, then why don't use them. They tend to perform better as compared to other applications with equivalent features.

Update : The following tutorial is for setting up Gmail POP3 access. You can read this for IMAP access : How to setup Gmail IMAP access in your smartphone?

Here are the settings you will required to configure gmail not only on your phone but also on any 3rd party application. So this how to guide also serves the purpose of setting gmail for any desktop based mail client.

Incoming Mail (POP3) Server Requires SSL Use SSL - Yes Port - 995
Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server requires TLS Use Authentication - Yes STARTTLS : YES Ports 465 or 587

But here I am going to explain the process for setting it on a Symbian phone. Mine is Nokia 3230. Here it is :

  • Go to Messages.
  • Select Options and then Settings.
  • Select E-mail & create new mailbox.
  • Give a name to it in "Mailbox Name".
  • Set your access point for internet.
  • Set your email address - e.g.
  • Set as your Outgoing Mail Server.
  • Set username & password.
  • Set as your Incoming Mail Server.
  • Set Mailbox type as POP3.
  • Use Security as SSL. (If you use TLS here, you will only be able to send emails but cant retrieve them)
  • All Other settings are upto the choice of user. (Explore them a bit and you will come to know of them)

You also need to enable POP3 access in your gmail account settings. To enable it follow these steps:

  • After login, click on Settings.gmail_setting
  • Select Forwarding and Pop/IMAP tab.gmail_access_setting
  • Enable POP there and click Save changes.

Now you can retrieve and send emails directly from your phone. Now you will be asked to continue every time due to Untrusted Certificate. If you are using Series60 Phone then you can install this certificate : Thawte Roots Certificate and Series60v2 Phone users can install this certificate : Ocasta. If you need any further assistance, leave a response here and I will look into it.

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  • well if u are already talking abt smart phone then google mobile mail app is a much better option…as per my opinion aas i have used both ways

    • Yes, google mail application can be better for phones but not for all. Users like me who uses phone such as Nokia 3230, will find the inbuilt solution better because these phones are low on resources. Nokia 3230 has a processor of 123Mhz and few MBs of RAM, you will always want to go for a solution that is light on your part to keep up with the efficiency and if you use the inbuilt application for this, you have the advantage of sending any file via email by just choosing Options > Send > Via email. Many others will find it useful!

  • well if u r worried abt size then ,u will be surprised to knw that gmail app is only around 200kb..really it doesn’t slow down anythng at all..atleast u can try it.

    • Ok, I will surely give it a try.

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  • I’ve never succeed to setup gmail in my p910i 🙁

  • @Ebook
    What’s your problem? Tell me about the options you need to fill in your cellphone.

  • Downloading gmai in my 6680 mobile

  • Faster gmail i think realy very good

  • I’ve tried tried setting up gmail in my samsun f480, it just doesn’t seem to work. It always tells me no response from server. I hope someone smart enough could help me with this.

    • @Mike
      Follow the tutorial closely and you should be fine. I think you missed something. May be the port numbers are incorrect or POP is not enabled for your account.

  • lostfrevr

    my phone keeps telling me there is a DNS server… help please!

  • it actually work sik. first one. thanks

  • BR

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  • Muhamed Ali

    Thank you sir. Persons like me really need someone like to solve our confusions while using our Mobile devices. I really appreciate you to add many useful things in your site. Can I consider you as a best close friend. Thanking you sincerely.

    • Glad that you find them useful 🙂

  • Rajeev Saxena

    Dear sir,

    I have a Nokia 5310 musicXpress and i have filled all the details correctly as per my knowledge… Yet, the msg displays, “Unable to connect to mailbox, Please try again later”.

    Please help!!

    • I am not sure what could be wrong. Check the login credentials again, they are case sensitive and moreover can be easily typed wrong by mistake.

  • ronak

    pls. send me gmail setting for my phone p910i

  • Rantosh

    I want to email setting in micromax x600 phone.

    please send me setting

    i hope u co-operate with me
    thanking you

  • Jay

    Hi dude,im using d same smart-phone 3230,u hv given d setup info for pop mail access,it very helpful,but im using imap for retrieving mail,i get mah mail as soon as it reaches gmail inbox,its unlike pop whr we hv to update d client evrytime to check for new mails!

  • nilima

    plz help me to access my corporate gmail account on my android spice mobile