Idea to Idea Free Voice Message

idea_cellular Don’t know if its a free scheme provided by Idea or is it a fault in their network that Idea to Idea (My Gang Offer) Voice messages are free in Jaipur, India. If you are not familiar with voice message, it allows the user to send a 45 second recorded message to any Idea number within the state at a cost of Re1.

The user needs to prefix *12 before the number on which you wish to send the voice message. Speak up to a 45 second long message and the recipient will receive a SMS notification and also the number from where they can retrieve the message.

For example: To send a voice message to 9950822570, call *129950822570 and speak the message you wish to convey and you are done.

I didn’t confirm with this Idea because I don’t want to ruin the happiness of my college mates who use this service extensively. Till the free scheme is over or it gets into the notification of Idea, let them enjoy.

Update: Users now are being charged for Voice Messages.


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