What is Rss / Feeds?

What is RSS / Feeds?

RSS / Feeds is a technology used by millions of computer users nowadays to keep them self updated with the latest happenings from their favorite website without the need of manually visiting the websites regularly. Its like taking a subscription of the website where you find useful content and don’t want to miss any information. And yes it doesn’t even cost a penny.

However note that its not like free magazine subscription those are delivered to your doorstep. Instead, you will need a Rss / Feed reader for reading the feeds. You also have the option of subscribing via email so that new updates are delivered right to your mail inbox. For reading feeds, you can try Google Reader that works both online & offline (with Google Gear).

Do I need it?

If you are reading this, you are a internet user. Other than googling around, you must be keep tracking your favorite websites for new content. Many times you find updates and sometimes you don’t. And that too when you manually visit each & every favorite site of yours. It becomes very difficult to track many sites and what if you miss out any website from your bookmark list. Here comes in the benefit of Rss / Feed reader that will provide you with updated content from your favorite site and keep you updated with the latest buzz.

How it works?

Whenever websites/blogs offering feeds publish new content, the updates are reflected in the feeds. Its not only the fastest way of getting updates but also a convenient way as you don’t need to manually track each website from your bookmarks and look for updates.

How do I subscribe?

what-is-rss-feedsYou must have seen lots of feed buttons and widgets offering feeds. The most common form of offering feeds subscription is by a feeds button. Feed icons also come in many shapes and sizes. Either you copy the feed links and paste it in your feed reader or follow on site steps of subscribing to the feed reader you use.


You can also use the small icon appearing in your address bar in firefox for subscribing to feeds of any website that offers feed.

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After you have subscribed to some feeds, your feed reader will show you the feeds that are unread and you can start reading.

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