Image Batch Processing – Convert / Rename multiple images at once

You can convert images from one type to another by using either of the many options available but when you need to convert multiple files it can be a pain. So today I am going to write a tutorial explaining how you can use Irfanview for batch processing of images i.e. converting / renaming multiple files at once.

If you are not aware of Irfanview, then I must tell you that it is one of the best free image viewer that can be used for basic image editing too and that too very easily by a average computer user. You can read the Review of Irfanview which I wrote earlier.

  • You will need Irfanview for it. (Download Irfanview)
  • Go to File > Batch Conversion / Rename or alternatively you can use the shortcut “B“.
  • You will be greeted by a dialog box where you can select images to process and then choose the operation.
  • Specify the output directory
  • You have a choice of three options:
  1. Batch Conversion
  2. Batch rename
  3. Batch Conversion and rename result files
  • Select the one you want and then press Start for batch processing.


(Click to enlarge screen shot)

You also have the feature of setting advanced options for conversion and renaming operations. Advance options are very easy to configured. Just select the things you want and it will be done. If you still need help with any of the option, do let me know and I will be happy to help you.


7 responses to “Image Batch Processing – Convert / Rename multiple images at once”

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  2. I prefer to use Windows builtin support for bulk/batch renaming. Using that feature we can rename any files.

    You can read more about it at Bulk Rename Files Quickly – Microsoft Windows Tip

    Hope this tip is also useful to your website visitors

  3. @Gopinath
    Irfanview offers more features when it comes to renaming files.

  4. Hello Ashish:

    Nice writeup. Does AVS Image converter have a command-line interface ? I would really like to use it with biterscripting ( compiling and sending commands to it thru a biter script). There are some sample scripts at but none of them cover renaming files. Thx.


    1. No idea about that buddy! You should check on with the author.

  5. hey thanks for sharing such useful information