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Many times it happened with a lot of computer users that they face weird issues on their computer, the reason of which they are unable to find out. In most of the cases RAM is the culprit. Either it will restart the computer randomly or it will freeze the computer or in severe case, faulty RAM stick might not even allow the computer to boot up. Today I am going to share a small software named MemTest (15KB) that can test if your RAM is functioning correctly.

MemTest is designed to find all types of memory errors including intermittent problems. Therefore, it needs to be run for several hours to truly evaluate your RAM. You have the option of running it either till 100% RAM coverage or let it run the test for 1hr or let it run more aggressively by leaving it to run overnight.

A good RAM will completely be free of error and can run MemTest for weeks without any errors. If you find even a single error, then that means either there is a fault with your RAM or your system is incorrectly configured.

It is available for all the versions of windows and it can run on both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows. Vista is also supported by MemTest. The free version does pretty night job of checking your RAM but if you intend to do it on a regular basis on multiple machines, then they also have Pro & Deluxe versions available that offers some extra features over the free version.

Download Memtest (15KB) and if you feel like reading more about it, then here is its manual.

A similar utility for testing RAM under linux is available by the name of Memtest86. They even offer iso image downloads so that you can create a bootable disc but I haven't tried it. Why don't you give it a shot and let me know. If you are thinking of buying RAM for your computer, then you might want to read this guide : RAM buying guide. Have your say in the comments.

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  • Thanks for this buddy. Going to test for faulty RAM right now

  • @Madhur
    You are welcome! And remember longer the test, the better it is.

  • MG

    memtest86+ is a much better application (imo).

    It tests ALL RAM, including the amount it uses. It first loads itself to a certain offset, tests the beginning portion of the RAM, then moves itself there, to test the rest of the RAM more thoroughly. Give it a shot!

  • @MG
    It seems that it might offer more features and can be used easily with systems having large amount of RAM (>1GB). Thanks for letting us know about it.

  • Aakash Mehta

    I m not able to download the MemTest
    something wrong in the website u mentioned