Sify gone nuts again


I have seen Sify (my ISP) going nuts earlier and here it goes again. Earlier it gave me record breaking insane speeds of 17MBps and now I am using my account after my account has expired. I am writing this post right now when my subscription has already ended.

I am on a 64Kbps net connection and it was supposed to expire on October 11, 2008 at 00:00AM and it did. Yes, the internet stop working at midnight but today on October 12, 2008 I am able to login again and able to connect to internet and blog about it. I know this may be only for a day or two but still Sify Client is unreliable as always. Have your say in the comments.

If you want to use another client then Sify Official Client, then have a look at SuperSify – Alternate Sify Login Client.


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    Sify family

    Alaways sify keeping ahead / user friendly