Share your day to day incidents online

We all live online. Don’t we? Many of us including me spends more time online as compared to the time spent in offline activities but when I do it, I do it right. 😉

So, I am going to share two three really cool sites with you which you can use to share your small but worth mentioning incidents which made you feel either good or bad.

Ok! First the good one and then the another one.

It Made My

IMMD header

Share small things that made your day.

Like my girlfriend kissed me after a fight. IMMD

Isn’t such a thing worth to share? Share it on IMMD.

F My

fmylife illustration

Its a great place to share your fucked up stories.

Today, there was a traffic accident on the highway which I normally take. I couldn’t resist laughing at the driver since he was stupid enough to rear-end someone on the highway. What I didn’t realize is that I forgot to pay attention to the road and rear-ended the car in front of me. FML #

Its another startup (by Abhishek) similar to FML and can be called as its Indian version.
Its a place to share your day to day Jhand stories (if that really happens day to day)

Today I was sitting in a restaurant with my boyfriend. There was a couple sitting next to us. I heard the girl say to her hubby ,”Would you still love me if I looked like her”. [ Zindagi Jhand Hai ] #

Go live your life & share online. I hope and I wish that you mostly have good things to share.