Install Windows 7 by making a bootable USB drive

Gone are the days when OS were installed by CDs & DVDs. Yesterday, I made the switch to windows 7 by installing the OS by making a bootable Win 7 USB drive. Actually my optical drive died and I didn’t knew it but it gave me a chance to install an OS by means of booting with the pendrive.

I quickly searched and came across a video tutorial but that didn’t work out for Windows XP as one of the command used in making the usb drive bootable was provided in Vista & later OS. Then I look for an XP specific solution but again that didn’t work out for me. It may be the problem of my system or pendrive but I found another way of doing that which is the most easiest.

The above video works for Vista well. But I was using a system running Windows XP. So, had to find another way. I looked for more resources and found another tutorial in which we will be using another tool to make the thumb drive bootable as DISKPART command is not available in Windows XP. So, if you are on Win XP, follow this tutorial but for some reason it didn’t work for me.

And then finally I found the best method of making a bootable usb drive from a disk image. See this video tutorial

If you need any help then let me know through comments and I will try to help.


4 responses to “Install Windows 7 by making a bootable USB drive”

  1. using daemon tool is quite easier

    1. yeah i know that too

  2. I think what luv means is, Windows 7 can be installed using the ISO… Just mount it using Daemon tool (which is the worst one) or using PowerISO. Then install like any other software… and once it reboots… you have Windows 7….

    This only works if you have some kind of windows running, XP.. Vista…

    1. I wanted a fresh install and not an upgraded one. Things remain tidy and optimal