Remove unwanted startup items to improve boot up time

Do you have to wait for programs to load up when you boot up your computer? You keep looking at the system tray waiting for programs to load one by one and most of them are those which are not even used every now and then.

Here is how you can manage your boot startup list.


Press Win key + R and enter msconfig.


Select the Startup tab and uncheck those items which you don’t want to start at bootup.

Click OK and restart your system when prompted to do so.

That’s it. Now those programs which you have unchecked will not load and slow down the computer at bootup and your computer will finish loading your startup items faster.

Happy Computing!


6 responses to “Remove unwanted startup items to improve boot up time”

  1. Well another alternative is to use Cc cleaner by priform.
    Its cleans one temp files and cookies from browsers and also can fix some registry errors.
    Another feature of this is to disable start up items.
    I think the cc cleaner list has more and elaborate start up items and details.
    But windows startup is also pretty good.

    1. Thanks for the tip to use Cc cleaner.

  2. Cool bro… earlier we used to use external software to do this! Now we can do it without any hesitation 😀 thanks mate 😀

    1. Yeah! I always prefer to use inbuilt tools.

  3. I use this tip from a long time! Though beginners don’t know about it! Thanks to you mate!

    1. My pleasure! 🙂