Google Code Project Hosting Commit 500 Internal Server Error Fix

I was trying the Google Code for hosting one of my projects the other day and found it pretty useful that services like these motivate open source developers to conc on what is important i.e. developing open source projects and leave the hosting cost and concerns on Google. they also provide SVN access with bug tracking support.

If you don’t want to pay for setting up a SVN server, then you should make sure you check out Google Code.

I started with Google Code a few days back and when I tried to commit, I was stuck with an Internal Server 500 error, I searched and read a few threads and then found out how it can be fixed.

How to Commit?

svn checkout projectname

If you used the above command, then you will get an Internal Server 500 Error.

Instead of checking out like this try checking out with your username too

svn checkout projectname --username google-acc-username

When the SVN will ask you for your password, don’t give the password of your google account, instead provide the one you have on your Google Code profile. Password

Google Code Profile – Go to
Click on Settings and there you will see your password with which you can commit SVN changes.

If you have any questions, then feel free to ask in comments.