How to play games online using Tunngle

If you have ever played a multiplayer game, then you know a single player mode can’t beat that experience. Its like taking things to a next level as one is playing with another human which mean more randomness, more dynamic moves and obviously more fun.

But the problem majority of the PC users face is that they can’t play online because they are either using a pirated or cracked version. But they can actually play on LAN without a genuine version of the game because there is nothing like a server to check which one to allow and which one to not.


Tunngle works on this principle, I should say exploit this practically by creating a virtual LAN in which other players act as if they were connected to you on LAN and then you can play with them by going to LAN options and then either starting your own game or joining someone’s else.
Its a whole lot of fun and Tunngle makes this hassle free.

So, here is how you do it.

  • Signup for a free Tunngle account. (Currently they are in beta but after launch they will have a free version too)
  • Install their software and log into your account by running their software.
  • Go to Communities > Network > Search or just enter the Search on the left.
  • Type in what game do you want to play. (Type ‘Age’ for Age of empires and ‘Need for Speed’ for any version of NFS, as it will results more results to chose from and avoiding ending up with no results due to searching keywords)
  • Double click to join one of the rooms.

That’s it.

Any games you host or anyone else will appear on the LAN option of all the players in that room.

They have a total of 807 games which you can play at the moment which covers almost all the popular ones. You can take a look at the list of the games.
I will also cover setting up a few games (step by step tutorial) that I play like Blue, Counter Strike & Age of Empires.

Have fun playing online!

Note – Tunngle is coming up with a new client so the interface might change a bit from what it is shown in this post.


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  2. Nice article buddy, i love games, just wanna ask have you tried it yet ?

    1. Obviously! I am addicted to games again.

  3. I suggest you should try Garena….it has more number of users around the globe… rooms available for each country, thousands of players njoying a whole lot of games, including AOE, Counter strike, etc

  4. kavyansh Avatar

    can i play shadow ops red mercury online using tunngle or Garena….