Facebook Spam Message Attack

A new spam attack on Facebook is in circulation these days, in which you will receive a message from one of your friends with a link to a video claiming the video should have millions of views and it may seem that your friend is amazed with the video but its the other story round. Your friend has become the victim of this spam attack and a same message has been sent out to all of his friends so that others can fall in this trap too.

How to recognize and save yourself from attack?

Here is how it look like :

fb spam

People are reporting that it asks you to do a security check as shown in the next screenshot

fb spam

After that it asks you to press some keyboard shortcuts which actually work like copy pasting the malicious javascript code in your address bar. This grants them the permission and the spam attack successfully messages all your friends.

It is spreading at a very fast rate. Beware that it can be something different but it should look like similar, so take care of such things in future too. If your friend sends you something, then ask them before trying it out if they have actually sent it or not. And when you know it is spam, delete the message and inform your friend that a spam message has been sent out from his/her account and he should warn his/her friends not to click on the message link.

How to stop it from spreading?

Go to the infected page and click on Report Page in the lower left side as shown in the screenshot. Don’t “Like” the page.

fb spam

Let your friends know about this attack, click on this link -> share this post on facebook.

Happy and Safe Facebook’ing!


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