People I Admire, Regard and Recommend

I have been working online as a blogger and freelancer since 2007 and find myself lucky that I found this medium of making a living with the comfort of working from my home. During my journey, I met a large variety of personalities online. Some were helpful, some were busy but inspiring and some even criticized for not helping them as if they were my boss and I work for them. Well, part of life and the distinguishing thing is that you haven’t met most of them, yet share a special bond. Some people will inspire you so much that you will never forget, what they did for you in your earlier days and leave a watermark on your memories.

A couple of days back, I was having a nice chat conversation with Rishi, when I got the idea of this appreciation baton.

The Motif

  • Blogging has become to much of a business for everyone. Lets do something to make it up for some authentic social existence.
  • To thank or appreciate someone or their work and give them some love and authority.

The Rules

  • You need to mention a minimum of 5 people and a maximum of 10 – your blog’s pagerank (This is for fun).
  • Some information about them including their Twitter and Facebook profiles.
  • Please include people who are your actual acquaintances.
  • You can tag as much people you want to join this baton.
  • Link the appreciation post where you got tagged or recommended.

Without further ado, here is my list of people (arranged alphabetically) whom I really admire and hope to meet sometime.

Abhinav Sood

Alright, the man I wish we were together in the same college. He is a great web designer and good in networking too. I always run upto him whenever I need some advice on business matters and building contacts in my network. He has proved to be a great resource. If we were together, I would have convince him to do a startup together by now.

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Keith Dsouza

Keith Dsouza is a rockstar coder, I must say. He gave me tips, his time, even setup a VPS for me when I was messing it up and the most, sponsored my blog for a year when I had no money to buy my own hosting. He is an excellent blogger too and now runs a Top 100 Tech Blogs in world as per Technorati. He is the man, who inspire me to do make out the most of ones’ time. He is a time management guru. 🙂

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Mayank Gupta

Mayank is a down to earth person. He was a big shot when I started my journey but still he helped me and even wrote two guest posts on my request and since that day, he earned my respect. I hope to meet him soon so that I can learn more about entrepreneurship from his experiences and possibly convince him to be my mentor 😉

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Navjot Singh

The patient man who taught the nomad blogger the basics of SEO. I was not getting any improvements in SERPs when Navjot explained and help me setup the basics of SEO right on my blog and since then 75% of all my traffic has been organic. We live in the same city and hope to meet him soon. He didn’t gave me a real picture for this post. I will surely upload one when I meet him 😛

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Rishi Raj

Rishi and I have been friends since my early days. He is friggin’ awesome, a smart guy with a great writing talent. He knows what to write in order to lure loyal visitors. Other than a blogger & a freelancer web designer, he is an aspiring entrepreneur and I am sure he is going to hail in the coming time.

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Saurav Basu

The real Cheetah in my eyes. He has been a helpful guy giving most of his time in helping people and taught me a lesson when I ignored someone asking for help and it turned out to be him. That day I realized what he did for me, I could never payback him other than helping others coming across my way. I help everyone other than people with silly hacking requests. 🙂


I would like to thank all you guys for being a part of my journey and pushing me ahead when I need help. I learnt a lot from you guys and you helped me in building the right attitude in me.

I am tagging the following friends to carry on this opportunity to thank people who made a difference in their life:

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19 responses to “People I Admire, Regard and Recommend”

  1. […] criticized my work. I always wanted to thank these people but never got a medium until my friend Ashish proposed an appreciation […]

  2. Thanks for the kind words buddy 🙂 I’m glad that you started this real fun and useful meme. Rishi is no doubt awesome & keith…. we’ve met and damn… it was one awesome meeting. Would love to meet you soon too …

    As far as passing the baton is concerned, i’ll surely do it pretty soon!

    1. Thanks Mayank!

      Hope to meet you very soon 🙂

      1. its not that difficult at all! whenever you decide to visit zaika or chinar, just give me a call and i’ll come too 😀

        1. Haha.. I hope you are doing well now and can actually get out of the house 😛

          1. oh of course! i’m running everyday now 😀

            1. I will chase and run along with you soon then 😛

  3. Thanks for the kind words Ashish. Good to see you doing well these days 🙂

    1. Thanks Keith!
      Good to hear from you 🙂

  4. It was great to know some great
    friends,bloggers thanks ashish for introducing them.

    1. Pleasure 🙂

  5. Am humbled to see my mention here. Well glad to see how well you are doing. All the best for future. Cheers. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the wishes buddy! 🙂

  6. Thanks for the mention, Ash. It’s always nice interacting with you and discussing stuff that’s important but people tend not to care about. And, both of us going to the same college, seriously, that’s what I could just long for all the while! I am lookin’ forward to working together with you. Hope to meet you soon. My best wishes for your future.

    1. Sure buddy! Good luck for your future too 🙂

  7. Thank dude for mention 🙂

    1. Mention not 😉

  8. It good you posted credits to people who have helped you out, admiring is really a good thing to do 🙂