WordPress Evil Post Series

Yeah! That sounded right. This is a post series where I will show you how to use WordPress to do evil, unethical things which surely doesn’t mean WordPress is a bad piece of software. Its really a great one considering every thing has its share of Pros & Cons. Remember, just like we say, Technology is neither good or bad, its the use which can be classified as good or bad. Similarly, I will be using a technology product (WordPress), to do things for fun and educative purposes. You better be aware to avoid that happening with you, or sometimes use it 😉

You are welcome for the following:

  • Comment anything relevant! You can criticise my series too, I won’t mind!
  • Tip me for the next Evil Post.
  • Write a Guest Post for WP Evil Series (Decision of accepting it as a qualified WordPress Evil Post Series will be totally on me, though)

That said, first post in the series will be up in a few minutes.