Feedback to Appfog

Appfog, Consider this post as “Open feedback”.

I like what they are doing in PAAS industry, I want to see them grow, so posting my findings here for them to see:

Functionality bugs

  • throws 502 gateway error (its a WordPress install)
    • Its a fresh install created from Appfog UI. Used to work fine, but stopped working without any change from my end.
  • Trying to access wp-admin on any WP install redirects me to a url like this and then it doesn’t connect.
  • Installed phpmyadmin is open to world, no authentication in place. Unusable!
  • Unable to do a mysql import using af gem on Ubuntu. Had to run the whole sql file manually as script in Mysql workbench. Took too much of time and wasn’t sure if everything completed without issues.
  • caldecott is deployed multiple times, one for each database I want to access, why? Plain stupid!
  • Nobody is keeping any eye on pull requests on Github –

UI Bugs

  • Creating an app usually fails. And sometimes, instead of showing strings it shows “Object object”. Messy JS code?


6 responses to “Feedback to Appfog”

  1. Ashish,

    We appreciate you taking the time to pull together this feedback for us, we do take it very seriously. It should go without saying that being open about issues on AppFog is welcome. We strive to be completely transparent with our users about issues and how we are going about resolving them. This also holds our feet to the fire and helps us produce a much better product in the end for everyone.

    I am having our team review each of your issues in detail and also check to ensure that if these are indeed global issues that we address them across the board promptly.

    I will follow-up with details here shortly. Thank you again for bringing these issues to our attention and for your patience while we get them resolved.

    Chad Keck
    Sr. Director, Customer Experience

    1. Awesome! Love the way you guys are approaching it 🙂

      1. Ashish,

        Following up as promised.

        1) The 502 bad gateway on your first app ( seems to be related to an old deployment bug which has been fixed. We can verify if you can send me your account email to confirm (chad (at) appfog). If you have no crucial data on here you could also try deleting the app and deploying again and it should work without issue.

        2) The redirect issue for WordPress when attempting to access /wp-admin/ is something we are still investigating. In the mean time I would recommend pointing to the direct login page which is where the default login link in WP takes you: /wp-directory/wp-login.php

        3) We have updated the phpMyAdmin install to include authentication and our team is working on a documentation article to walk through this as we speak. I’ll post a link as soon as it’s up.

        4) Our development team is looking into the issue you described with the af gem under Ubuntu. We may need more information here so I’ll have them connect with you if necessary. We’ll get it resolved.

        5) Caldecott only needs to be deployed once per region (or data center) and can be bound to multiple services/databases. We are updating our documentation to make this more clear.

        6) Our development team is also clarifying the process on how we handle pull requests on our repos and you will see more engagement here shortly.

        If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to follow-up with me directly anytime. I’ll post the updated documentation I mentioned above for you shortly. Thanks again for bringing these issues to our attention and don’t hesitate at all with anything you happen to come across in the future.

        Chad Keck
        Sr. Director, Customer Experience

        1. Great! Thanks Chad.

          1) No problem! I can recreate the app.

          2) OK cool

          3) Nice, I see commits in the repo.

          4) Sure!

          5) Got it! Makes sense.

          6) Super!

  2. as you say, I am in trouble ‘AppFog 502 Bad Gateway’
    I just change the wp-config.php, and af update van9ogh2 again….

    1. Best would be to reach out their support. I didn’t play with it more after the initial run.

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