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  • Blog Redesigned & Life Reloaded

    I know, I am a little late in making this announcement but I will do it for the sake of my feed readers who might not have got a chance to visit my blog recently. On this 200th post, I would like to inform you that I have reloaded the blog with a new custom…

  • Back to business

    Hello everybody! After a long gap of 5 months, I am back to blogging. I was not out of business but I was in a small shell where I was living my life and learning a great deal of things which will reflect now.

  • I am back and good to do the job

    After a long time (2 months), I am finally back to business. Earlier I was busy with my University Exams and then went on a lil vacation and when I came back I decided to start blogging right on the 7th of this month because my last post was on April 7. Makes sense? Well!…