I am back and good to do the job

After a long time (2 months), I am finally back to business. Earlier I was busy with my University Exams and then went on a lil vacation and when I came back I decided to start blogging right on the 7th of this month because my last post was on April 7. Makes sense? Well! It doesn’t even make to me. Its just a excuse of not blogging even when I was back as I was learning html + css. I still need more practice to be a good coder. You can soon expect what earlier you was not expecting.

Now some updates:

  • I got a brand new look for my blog which I will be customizing over time according to my needs and will post about more WordPress How-To Stuff. If you are reading this in your feed reader or email, then you might give it a look and tell me how you find it.
  • A brand new banner. Wanna know how I designed it? Read this article : Design a banner for every need
  • Feed chicklet is ON as its 100+ now. If you haven’t subscribed, then make the move now. Ashfame | Tech Blog Feeds
  • Got My First AdSense Cheque too ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Upgrading my Desktop PC, so you can also expect some hardware reviews and hardware buying guide.
  • A big sorry for replying late to the comments.
  • Also, Youtube Downloader is not working for now. Will fix it. Its just that I don’t have time right now.
  • Lastly, Godaddy Coupon pages is updated and Dell Coupon pages will be updated soon.

Expected future updates (Not too far) :

  • Ashfame.com will be designed to act as a homepage for all my online activity and show the best of my stuff.
  • A Portfolio on Ashfame.com soon
  • Freelancing: You will soon be able to hire me for designing, modding & doing technical stuff. (More info soon)
  • I will start working on a new project once I am all settled in hostel with my rig. (Yes, this time I am taking my desktop with me)

Keep visiting and reading. Any suggestions?


3 responses to “I am back and good to do the job”

  1. Until he fixes the youtube downloader you can always use TubeTilla. Just do a search. You can download and convert youtube videos with this free software

  2. Hey ! Welcome again ! + your blog really looks great !

    …. now waiting for some great posts from you !

  3. @ArpitNext
    Thanks for the comment. Hope to see you around. ๐Ÿ™‚