Facebook new spam attack

I have earlier written about Facebook spam message attack and now again a new spam attack is spreading and it will reach you soon because it develops a curiosity in whosoever reads it & many people click on it, to know more about it and end up posting spam message on their friend’s wall. The […]

TeuxDeux – Best To-do one can have!

I know there are a lot of To-do apps out there and some of you might just stick with paper and pen because they rock (I believe the same) but sometimes I can’t carry my diary with me all the time. Moreover you can’t access it until you are actually carrying your stationery. I found […]

alternativeTo.net lets you try alternatives to your software or applications

Are you tired of using the old boring software you have been sticking to for a long time. You want to search for a better one (ultimately the best software) but is lazy enough to keep delaying your search. If that’s the case with you or may be not, you will find alternativeTo.net a great […]

Google Sky Maps discover and browse the night sky by pointing your phone to space

Now this is really amazing. Google is known to bring the best in innovation to the world and that too for free. If you are reading this, that means you have already read the title and asked yourself “Hey! Is that for real?”. Yes it is for real and brings a WOW factor with it […]