Facebook new spam attack

I have earlier written about Facebook spam message attack and now again a new spam attack is spreading and it will reach you soon because it develops a curiosity in whosoever reads it & many people click on it, to know more about it and end up posting spam message on their friend’s wall.

The current spam attack message is similar to the one we all have already seen, its about a girl getting expelled from school after her teacher read her Facebook status update. Here is a screenshot:

fb spam attack

If you click on the link, you will land upon a page which asks you to login on the site using Facebook and then the app’s permission will show up.

fb spam app permissions

One can clearly tell that they are trying to steal your email and asking for permission to post on wall for further spreading this spam so that more and more people fall for it. I have written about how Facebook Apps steal user data. Report such apps to Facebook by clicking on the Report App link.

So when you see someone you know posting this on your wall, make sure you report it as spam. This will remove it from your wall to and less people will fall for it.

report spam facebook

This one will be harder to control as I noticed that the same spam message was posted using different apps.

Spread awareness and don’t let others fool you by falling for this spam. Let your friends know about it, click on this link – Share with friends on Facebook.

Happy and Safe Facebook’ing!