How to Import Delicious Bookmarks & Tags

In case you are just wondering, Delicious future is undecided as it hangs in between of shutting down or being sold, users are very much concerned about their bookmarks and tags that they have saved for several years. Lots of solutions are coming out lately to save delicious bookmarks and tags and I am compiling […]

Examine HTML headers in Firefox and Google Chrome

I needed to check an issue in which the deep integrated bbPress forum pages were showing up along with a 404 header code generated by WordPress. I am showing you how you can view html headers in both Firefox and Chrome. HTML headers in Firefox using Firebug You will need Firebug addon. Open the page […]

Fix Firefox unable to download or save file problem

I was facing an issue in which I was unable to download any file through firefox. I couldn’t even save an opened page. I did some google search and found some good information on the subject. I would like to aggragate various cases and different methods here in this single article. Cause of the problem […]

Backup & Restore your Firefox data using Febe

Whether you are switching to a different OS or you are installing the OS again or just installing Firefox again or going to use a different installation too (like that in Office) then you can’t start from a new Firefox installation when you are actually accustomed to all the plugins and saved authentication details etc. […]