Chrome extension to display unread emails in Gmail

Email is a good communication tool but it also tends to be the one in which we waste most of our time by continuously checking for new emails and unread mails instead of dealing with them in batch which can save a lot of time and is an efficient approach. I am also in a […]

Pimp your Gmail look

We all love Gmail. Don’t we? I even use Gmail on domains but one thing that it certainly lacks in is its look. Google don’t give much importance to the looks other than colors and all as it doesn’t want to compromise with performance at any point. Gmail addiction is too much already and here […]

Gmail adds new stars for easy reference

Gmail has just added new icons for marking your mails. Earlier users can only star their mails to mark it as something important over others but now they have given some more icons to mark your mails. I found them pretty useful as now I can mark mails according to different conditions of mail. Isn’t […]