Chrome extension to display unread emails in Gmail

Email is a good communication tool but it also tends to be the one in which we waste most of our time by continuously checking for new emails and unread mails instead of dealing with them in batch which can save a lot of time and is an efficient approach. I am also in a habit of checking my Gmail every now and then. That’s why I like to keep it close and then check the emails after fixed amount of time, like half hour or an hour.

I switched to Google chrome as my default browser some time back as it tends to react fast when it comes to my firefox setup loaded with so many plugins. I came across this great Chrome extension – Google Mail checker which keeps me notified of unread email Gmail messages. Moreover, it works for Google Apps users too.

Here is a screenshot of my Chrome :


Just sign in your Gmail as you normally do and it will start showing you the number of unread emails count.

To use it for Google Apps, right click on the icon, select option and then enter the path to your domain name.


It also animates when the count changes. Pretty simple & useful extension in my opinion.

I would like it to provide sound notifications too but sadly it is not there. May be it will annoy some users and defeat the whole purpose of concentrating more on work. We can have an option to enable notifications which can be disabled by default. What do you think?

If you wish you can view other Official extensions for Google products. They are useful but I don’t use them all day long. May be you do.