How to Import Delicious Bookmarks & Tags

In case you are just wondering, Delicious future is undecided as it hangs in between of shutting down or being sold, users are very much concerned about their bookmarks and tags that they have saved for several years. Lots of solutions are coming out lately to save delicious bookmarks and tags and I am compiling […]

Google Nexus S spotted with Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Rumors finally came into life when today Google officially announce the Google Nexus S phone running Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread. Its the first mobile phone running on Android 2.3 and is a whole lot better than any android phone you will currently find in the market. It runs faster than the Nexus one. Its unlocked […]

Quick Tip to search where Onsite searching sucks

I bet you have come across some or other site where content is indeed useful but buried deep down in archives and search results are totally a fail considering the user’s requests. bbPress Official forums is one such place where useful snippets are buried in forum posts with no quick way of finding them because […]

Google Sky Maps discover and browse the night sky by pointing your phone to space

Now this is really amazing. Google is known to bring the best in innovation to the world and that too for free. If you are reading this, that means you have already read the title and asked yourself “Hey! Is that for real?”. Yes it is for real and brings a WOW factor with it […]

What questions are asked in Microsoft & Google interviews

I have just came across these hot questions which were asked in Microsoft & Google interviews. I thought of writing this post where I will try to assemble answers of these questions. The reason why I am interested in these questions is that my dream company is Google. Yes, I want to work for Google […]