Quick Tip to search where Onsite searching sucks


I bet you have come across some or other site where content is indeed useful but buried deep down in archives and search results are totally a fail considering the user’s requests. bbPress Official forums is one such place where useful snippets are buried in forum posts with no quick way of finding them because the on-site bbPress search functionality fails to keep up with the users expectations.

Here is a quick tip to search in those places with the help of Google:

If I need to search for “search-keyword’” on bbPress site, so I would search this on Google as

site:bbpress.org search-keyword

and Google will retrieve the results from the indexed pages of the site. I have always found this way to be pretty much quick and useful in finding buried information.

To be more of a Search Ninja, I would recommend you reading this post – Searching efficiently with Search Operators.


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