Install WordPress manually via FTP/SFTP

Here is a quick tutorial on how you can install WordPress by means of uploading files via a FTP/SFTP connection. SFTP is recommended over FTP. All you need is a FTP/SFTP client to connect and upload files to your server and then a browser to run the installation.

Install WordPress via fantastico

Installing WordPress via fantastico is the most easiest method of installing WordPress. However, it doesn’t offer options to change the default WordPress table prefix. This tutorial holds screenshot of cPanel under WpWebHost (recommended WordPress webhost). With other hosting accounts placement of options may vary but the procedure should be same.

How to install wordpress via SVN

SVN is a version control system which can facilitate installation and upgradation of scripts like WordPress & make them really easy. Apart from the ease in maintenance, it also helps in saving a lot of time as compared to traditional methods of uploading files via unsecured FTP session. You can install WordPress with a single […]

Install WordPress locally offline on your computer

Alright! This tutorial is not the first one but I just installed a local copy of WordPress on my desktop so that I can design my own theme and use WordPress more as a CMS rather than being blog-centric script. I thought of posting this tutorial so that I can direct help on local installations […]