Install WordPress manually via FTP/SFTP

Here is a quick tutorial on how you can install WordPress by means of uploading files via a FTP/SFTP connection. SFTP is recommended over FTP.

All you need is a FTP/SFTP client to connect and upload files to your server and then a browser to run the installation.

filezilla connect

Open FileZilla (my favorite client) and connect to your webhost by specifying login credentials i.e. hostname, username & password

ftp directories

Browse to the location where you want to install WordPress. For example select blog if you want to install on or select if you want to install it on

Download latest version of WordPress

Extract it to a temp folder on your computer and then drag drop it on the selected folder view in Filezilla.

After all the files have been uploaded, open the URL in the browser and follow the instructions :

  • Select Create a Configuration File
  • Select Let’s Go
  • Fill in the database connection details & click on Submit.
  • Click Run the install.
  • Fill in the Title, email and select the SE indexable option.
  • It will give you your username (admin) and a random password.

Use this to login and change the password to something you can remember under your profile under Users option.

There are many other alternatives to install WordPress which are far better than this as manually uploading is a time consuming process. Feel free to ask your queries via comments.


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  3. thanks for sharing, i have also write the same tut, hope you will like it ๐Ÿ™‚