Check camera pictures quality using Flickr

Today I am going to share a quick tip of how you can check the picture quality of professional cameras and several smart mobile phones before buying them. You can even compare with competitive cameras & mobile phones, as a matter of fact you can do anything as you have real shots taken by people […]

TeuxDeux – Best To-do one can have!

I know there are a lot of To-do apps out there and some of you might just stick with paper and pen because they rock (I believe the same) but sometimes I can’t carry my diary with me all the time. Moreover you can’t access it until you are actually carrying your stationery. I found […]

WordPress App for iPhone Blackberry Android and now Nokia

As many of you might have heard from the official post that WordPress application is now available for several mobile platforms. The power that these mobile applications offer let us enjoy mobile administration and maintenance of our WordPress blog just like we do it in a browser. Obviously we can use the browser interface too […]