Check camera pictures quality using Flickr

Today I am going to share a quick tip of how you can check the picture quality of professional cameras and several smart mobile phones before buying them. You can even compare with competitive cameras & mobile phones, as a matter of fact you can do anything as you have real shots taken by people around the world on Flickr.

Go to Flick Camera Finder page.

Flickr Camera Finder

You can either select the most popular cameras appearing on the top, or select a brand of the camera just below it. Like I have a Nokia N86 (Nokia N86 Review), I select Nokia and camera page for Nokia opens up (Nokia Camera phones on Flickr) which lists the most popular camera phones of Nokia (according to the pictures uploaded on Flickr) and all the phones are listed below in a table.

Flick Nokia List

After selecting the one you are interested in (like I selected the Nokia N86), you can view the photos uploaded to Flick which were taken from the N86 camera (N86 Shots on Flickr). You can open up the photos in full size and view the quality yourself before you actually make a decision to buy yourself. Make sure you check out several pictures as that will help you make a wise judgment.

Here are some handy links for a few popular phones:

Let us know how you find this trick by commenting below.


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    1. Pleasure 🙂