My Picks for DBT’s Jan Group Writing Project

DailyBlogTips got a good response for their January’s group writing project. There was a total of 71 entries out of which I have selected 20 entries that I found good (Of course, I have found my entry good :lol: ). Keep yourself busy reading the compilation :

Sunday Link Buzz #3

Time for the Link BUZZ! Here goes the list of useful articles I came across last week. Definitely worth reading.

Sunday Link Buzz #2

My exams are just 5 days ahead, so today I will be sharing some articles that I liked in the past week. I enjoyed them reading on my mobile, I don’t use feed readers on my cell. 😀 Here goes the list.

Sunday Link Buzz #1

Today I will not blog anything, I plan to study today because my exams are approaching. I am going to share some articles that I enjoyed reading in the past week. Here goes the list.