My Picks for DBT’s Jan Group Writing Project

DailyBlogTips got a good response for their January’s group writing project. There was a total of 71 entries out of which I have selected 20 entries that I found good (Of course, I have found my entry good :lol: ). Keep yourself busy reading the compilation :


  1. 5+1 Ways of promoting your Blog/Site/Brand name in your college by Ashfame.
  2. How To Install WordPress – A Visual WordPress Guide by Jeff.
  3. How To Run A Fantabulous Blog Contest by Vijay.
  4. A complete guide: How to make your post attractive using images by Vijay
  5. Tutorial: How to print blog articles the smart way by Jacob.
  6. 8 Effective Ways to Increase RSS Readership by Tejvan.
  7. How to Feature Your Best Posts in Your Sidebar by Matt.
  8. Protect Your Blog And Counter Copyright Thefts by Tibi
  9. How to incorporate Google Custom Search engine with Adsense into your WordPress blog by Zaheer.
  10. How to Add More Sidebar Text Widgets by Lori.
  11. How to Write Scannable Content: A 6-Step Approach by Daniel.
  12. How To: Showing Only a Post Excerpt in WordPress by Kyle.
  13. Display User Welcome Message by Mike.

SEO & Web Development

  1. Strategic SEO – building an optimal keyword attack formula for bloggers by Lex.
  2. 5 Easy Steps To Oodles Of Search Engine Traffic For Your WordPress Blog by Moshin.
  3. Gaining Backlinks With SEO Friendly Web Directories by Daniel Harrisson.
  4. DOs and DON’Ts – Colour by Vivien

Technology & Software

  1. How to remove Virus from USB Drives by Madhur.
  2. How To Assemble And Build A PC by JohnTP.

Offtopic :  Zero to Rhythm in 12 Days by Amberlynn.


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    You are welcome. Do you have any idea regarding what I asked in the comments on your post? If yes, then let me know at your earliest, either via comments only or via email

  3. Hi Ashfame. Thanks for including my article in your top 20 🙂

  4. Ashfame, thanks for including my post in your list. 🙂

  5. @inspirationbit
    I earlier visited your blog in my starting days (6months back) and I bounced off because I was not able to get much of it. But now, I am loving the way you write posts. And I am subscribed too. 🙂

  6. Thanks for letting me know that I’m getting better at blogging and writing 🙂 and thanks for subscribing!

  7. @inspirationbit
    My Pleasure! 😛

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    Your post was held for moderation and I noticed lately. You have done a good work. 😉

  9. Thanks a lot for your vote, Ashfame!

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  11. Wow, my article that had nothing to do with tech or blogging made your cut. Thanks so much for your vote!

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    hehe.. I liked your post and was not able to resist myself from subscribing to your feeds. I love dance. :mrgreen:

  13. Thanks for nominating my tutorial entry (Gaining Backlinks With SEO Friendly Web Directories). I didn’t win, but the nomination was still flattering!

    Thanks again

  14. @Daniel
    You are welcome buddy. 🙂

  15. Congrats to the folks that made it to the fisrt 20

  16. Wow! can believe it. Thanks for share the acticle and compile it.