Send & Receive mails to & from localhost

Mails don’t work when locally but sometimes it might prove to be very useful in development if one can send & receive mails to & from localhost. It can be setup pretty easily too. Basic idea is to configure postfix for localhost & then use mutt to read local mails. Here is how it is […]

Quickly setup a localhost environment in Ubuntu

Although, I use Ubuntu, this should apply to a large number of linux distros. Every developer uses a local environment to develop locally before testing it live. I kinda avoid that root by mounting my FTP webspace in Ubuntu and directly working on live files (there is no need of download and upload as you […]

Install bbPress locally offline on your computer

Alright! This tutorial is based on a friend’s request who wished to install a local copy of bbPress on his laptop so that he can play around with it. Moreover I use it offline to develop themes and plugins. If you have ever installed WordPress or bbPress manually, then its exactly the same procedure but […]