Paypal and RBI Issues – Whole Story

Paypal screws Indians again on January 28, 2011 by imposing restrictions on Indian Paypal users because they can’t adhere to the guidelines laid down by Reserve Bank of India (RBI). For the sake of a little recap, Paypal stopped personal payment to and from India in Feb ’10. They stopped Electronic Funds Transfer for Paypal […]

Paypal Indian Users can now resume Electronic Funds Transfer

Earlier we informed you that Paypal has stopped Wireless funds transfer for Indian users and now its time for a good news that they have again resumed their service back for Indian users and they are still refunding 5$ amount for cheque withdrawals till further notice. This news is a great sign of relief for […]

Paypal Indian Users can only withdraw money by cheque from August 1,2010

Today in the morning, I got an email from Paypal stating that they Indian users will now only be able to withdraw money by Cheque from August 1,2010. Its very disappointing news for Indian Paypal users who used to carry out wireless fund transfer directly to their bank account and now will have to wait […]

How to Create a PayPal Invoice

The first client that I worked for this morning didn’t knew how to pay a paypal invoice through its Credit card, so I had to give him a link to the tutorial which explain the steps involved with screenshots. While I was creating the invoice, I thought that there may be many people who will […]