Presentation on Handling Web Servers of High Traffic Websites

Yesterday I published a presentation on Internet Web Technology and today I am going to another presentation of mine which was on the topic “Handling Web Servers of High Traffic Websites“. I chose the topic as the one on which I will give my final semester seminar and prepared this presentation. I had hard luck […]

Presentation on Internet Web Technology

I am busy with a friend to get on with bbPress development so to take the advantage of my tight schedule, I would post my presentation on “Internet Web Technology” which I promised earlier to post on blog but never did. I prepared this presentation for Practical Training Seminar under Infosys Campus Connect Programme a […]

Wordle let you create beautiful word clouds

Many of us must have seen beautiful clouds which shows emphasizing more on certain words as compared to other words as if they all were under the thought process and a few came up as high prioritized. Wordle.net is the service used to create such beautiful clouds. Wordle can create clouds from either a bunch […]