Wordle let you create beautiful word clouds


Many of us must have seen beautiful clouds which shows emphasizing more on certain words as compared to other words as if they all were under the thought process and a few came up as high prioritized.

Wordle.net is the service used to create such beautiful clouds.


Wordle can create clouds from either a bunch of words pasted, from a URL whose RSS feeds can be fetched and lastly from a del.icio.us username whose tags will be used to create the cloud.

In case you want to use a 3D sphere cloud on your website or blog, then you use can use Cumulus for 3D sphere cloud.

If you need to display a word cloud in your next blog post then do use Wordle to create beautiful clouds. Let me know if this post was useful for you.


3 responses to “Wordle let you create beautiful word clouds”

  1. Cool mate.. i also created a clod for my blog http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/1862968/TechHamlet 😀

    1. Looks great! Mine didn’t turn out well so I created it by a bunch of words of my interests.

  2. Joanna Avatar