6 Free Data Recovery Softwares

You may have been in a situation where you accidentally deleted your important data or it just got deleted due to data corruption or hard drive crash or whatever reason and your first reaction was of panic. All the work and possible non recoverable data is now gone forever. However you don’t need to worry […]

Lunascape – Triple Engine Browser

We web designers know how important it is to check our web designs in different browsers as different browsers interpret things differently because they are based on different engines. Not to mention we have IE 6 (I hate it as much as I love my love). Right now apart from Multiple IE browser trick, and […]

Check webdesign in different versions of IE

I am a freelancer web designer and as a web designer I design websites that are cross browser compatible. I know how much of a pain is IE for all web designers. So today I am sharing something that will help some, if not many of the web designers (front end developers).

Vaccinate USB drives to prevent virus infection

Earlier I have written about how to disabe USB autorun to save the computer from being infected with various sort of malware which adds action in the autorun.inf file to execute them self on the double click action. Hence if you double click open a pen drive or your USB drive (an infected one), then […]