Lunascape – Triple Engine Browser


We web designers know how important it is to check our web designs in different browsers as different browsers interpret things differently because they are based on different engines. Not to mention we have IE 6 (I hate it as much as I love my love). Right now apart from Multiple IE browser trick, and using Browsershots to take screenshots, I have all the standalone installations of IE, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Apple Safari. Wouldn’t it be easy and convenient to have the rendering of different engines all in a single package?

Coming to the point, I would like to introduce you to Lunascape which is the world’s first triple engine based browser.

  • Trident Engine Rendering
  • Gecko Engine Rendering
  • Webkit Engine Rendering

That said, you might have get the idea that with a single installation of Lunascape you get to view how the design will render in different browsers.

Lunascape = IE (Trident)+Firefox (Gecko)+Chrome & Safari (Webkit)

Reader’s usability is totally left off other than just giving him more options than the user needs regularly. Its skinny & has got a plethora of options. Moreover it just has a size of 9MB. Their site says that it has already been downloaded 10 million times in Japan. Worth the try? huh? Let me know how did you find it through your valuable comments.