Windows 7 not genuine Error (Screen Turning Black)

Windows 7 may sometimes been detected as illegal, not genuine,or Pirated despite the operating system has been genuinely bought from market. Then it shows a message immediately after log on, the following Windows Activation window will be displayed: Windows is not genuine Your computer might not be running a counterfeit copy of Windows. 0×80070005 Moreover, […]

Remove Windows Genuine Notification

I recently again came up with the situation that Windows Genuine Notification popped up because Windows Update again installed it via Automatic Updates. It pops up while a user logs in to windows, displays a message near the system tray and keeps on reminding you in between work that the copy of windows is not […]

Extract audio from video files

Many times it happens that we have a video file and we wished if the audio can be extracted in some way from it but didn’t know the way around. So today I am going to share a freeware audio extracter tool that can serve all your needs of extracting audio from video files. You […]

Compiz Fusion – Unmatched 3D Environment in Linux

Compiz Fusion : Unmatched 3D Environment in Linux Think Aqua interface in Mac OSX and 3D Flip in Windows Vista was the best looking Operating system? Ever thought that the 3D effects on hacker’s desktop shown in movies are not for real? No need to think again, just read on because the freedom and flexibility […]