Remove Windows Genuine Notification

I recently again came up with the situation that Windows Genuine Notification popped up because Windows Update again installed it via Automatic Updates. It pops up while a user logs in to windows, displays a message near the system tray and keeps on reminding you in between work that the copy of windows is not genuine. It has been reported since its first release that even genuine users are getting this prompt, so Microsoft has them self release instructions for its removal. When I searched on Google about this issue, I landed up on pages which were providing many methods of its removal including those patching up existing files with their cracked versions which I would highly recommend avoiding them as they might contain malicious code and can be used to get you into more trouble.

I found out this method of removal of Windows Genuine Notification :

  1. Launch Windows Task Manager.
  2. End wgatray.exe process in Task Manager.
  3. Restart Windows XP in Safe Mode.
  4. Delete WgaTray.exe from C:\Windows\System32.
  5. Delete WgaTray.exe from C:\Windows\System32\dllcache.
  6. Launch RegEdit.
  7. Browse to the following location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify
  8. Delete the folder WgaLogon and all its contents
  9. Reboot Windows XP.

But the latest version of the WGN tool is a little tricky to handle. It will pop up again as soon as you end it from the task manager and while it is running in the memory, you can't delete it too.

Here is how I did it :

  • Ignore Step #2 of ending wgatray.exe before restarting to Safe Mode as it serves no purpose.
  • At Step #4, wait on the deletion confirmation dialog box and then open task manager to end wgatray.exe
  • When you are again prompted for a confirmation for terminating the process, align that confirmation box over the delete confirmation box.
  • Press Yes on the Task Manager prompt and then quickly press Yes on the deletion confirmation. (You need to repeat this if you miss it)
  • If you did it quickly then you will be able to delete the file.
  • Step #5 can be missed. I was able to do it without the Step #5.
  • Complete Step 6 to 9 as instructed.

After you have followed all the above instructions, then

  • Go to Control Panel > Security Center > Automatic Update Settings.
  • Select the third option "Notify me but don't automatically download or install them".
  • Click Ok.
  • Now when Windows Updates icon will appear in the system tray (it will take some time), click on the icon and it will display a list of available updates.
  • This time unselect the checkbox of Windows Genuine Advantage Notification Tool, and click on Download. windows-genuine-notification
  • Select "Don't notify my about these updates again" so it will ignored every time updates are downloaded.
  • From the next time, make sure to check the list of download so that you might not install any new version of this tool.

For windows 7 - Remove Windows 7 Genuine Notification

If you are having any issues, then let me know and I will try to help my best.

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  • Nice find buddy. Great info. Dugg and Stumbled.

    • @Rishi
      Thanks for the dugg and stumble! I appreciate it. 🙂

    • african

      To easily delete WgaTray.exe,simply renamed the file to say Wgatray1.exe.
      Then you will easily delete the file.

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  • Or you can just get the easy to use utility RemoveWGA from here –


    Worked for me.

    • @Sparx
      As long as it can be done without the help of any external tools, then I will prefer that as those tools may contain malicious code. I call it safe computing.

    • Siddhartha Milan Shrestha

      My oprating system is Windows 7 ultimate,in Dell computer.when im opening system, my desktop colour automaticly changing in black colour (previous it was in another screen saver)and im getting windos genuine advantage
      1)it showing that you may be activation of software counterfeirting.
      2)this copy of windows did nt pass genuine windows validation.
      please help me.i want to remove it.

      • vishal goihl;

        Launch Windows Task Manager.
        End wgatray.exe process in Task Manager.
        Restart Windows XP in Safe Mode.
        Delete WgaTray.exe from C:\Windows\System32.
        Delete WgaTray.exe from C:\Windows\System32\dllcache.
        Launch RegEdit.
        Browse to the following location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify
        Delete the folder WgaLogon and all its contents
        Reboot Windows XP.

        try it apke proble solve ho jayaga ok dear

        • I think I already have the instructions up 😛

          • WhiTe

            Download a process terminator for step 2. this software is free and it will end it without coming alive again (unlike when you do so using Task Manager). It sure works!

            • WhiTe

              Windows genuine advantage notification is Microsoft way of punishing people using pirated copy of windows xp. Therefore, if your computer always shows you that you may be a victim of software counterfeiting, its right and you need to go and buy a genuine windows xp.

              Windows genuine advantage notification occurs after you have updated your computer on the internet. Microsoft always runs a script that always checks for windows license .if your computer does not pass the test, that is when you are notified.

              If your version of Windows XP is not genuine and does not pass windows genuine validation, you will not be able to download security patches from Windows Update, or install the latest version of Internet Explorer 7 and other software.

              Recently Microsoft has even made the notification worse by changing your computer desktop color to black. This makes the notification more punishing and frustrating for users.

              Declaimer: this article is not to encourage piracy but for the purpose of knowledge. Please make sure you buy a license window xp.

              Well for you that bought pirated copy unknowingly follow these steps to remove this black screen and the notification.

              Firstly, you have to terminate the process form running on your computer secondly you have to change the name of the files that are running the process. Then change your desktop back to what you where using before.

              Right click on your task bar, click on task manager, click process tab look for the process with the name “wgatray.exe” right click on it and click end process tree, a warning message will appear click yes, the process will be terminated.
              Secondly double click on my computer, double click drive C: double click windows folder, double click system 32 folder, look for two files, “wgatray.exe”. When you locate the file, right click on the file and rename them to whatever you want.
              Then restart your computer. Your computer should be in good state now.

              Recently Microsoft has modified the notification such that if this notification also changes your computer wallpaper and background color to black. After removing the notification simply change you desktop wallpaper again.

              Sometimes this modified windows genuine advantage notification also initiates the Wgatray.exe process immediately after you end the process. To solve this problem download process terminators that will kill it process permanently for you to be able to change the name of wgatray.exe in the system 32 folder.

              • Thanks a lot for your informative comment 🙂

              • Mohammad Iliyas

                thank you, so much
                i got the complet solution on this topic

            • You can easily do that with the Task manager, no need to download another tool for such a thing.

          • Amit

            Hey,thanks for your trick to remove the genuine notification thing…i did not understand your following step..could you please elaborate on that?
            you say
            “After you have followed all the above instructions, then

            Go to Control Panel > Security Center > Automatic Update Settings.
            Select the third option “Notify me but don’t automatically download or install them“.
            Click Ok.
            Now when Windows Updates icon will appear in the system tray (it will take some time), click on the icon and it will display a list of available updates.
            This time unselect the checkbox of Windows Genuine Advantage Notification Tool, and click on Download.
            Select “Don’t notify my about these updates again” so it will ignored every time updates are downloaded.
            From the next time, make sure to check the list of download so that you might not install any new version of this tool.”

            What i dont understand is that once this genuine notification thing disappears,why to perform the above step?
            Thanks again,bye.

            • i will like to send me command to remove the window genuine, so that i will not come to my system again.

              • i want to put me through how to remove window genuine on my system. i will to reply me to my box.

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  • Emilija

    oh my. i was searching for help with this issue, and i found exactly what i was looking for. THANK YOU, great job.

  • “… Press Yes on the Task Manager prompt and then quickly press Yes on the deletion confirmation. (You need to repeat this if you miss it)…”

    You need to modify this step (shown quoted above) by adding about the “5 sec gap” as mentioned in Step 18 in the link below

    Just trying to be helpful 🙂

  • Zeeshan Ibrahim

    Hi Ashish, its a very safe and nice way to remove WGN notification. Well done.
    Zeeshan Ibrahim

  • Basith Shaik

    thank you very much for the helpful blog.

  • Bwsis

    Thanks millions!!
    Keep up the Great work.
    I bookmarked your blog.
    Thanks again!

  • Hisham

    Thank you very very much… it’s the best way I had try…

  • ismail

    remove genuine microsoftware from my computer

  • ismail


  • Jimmy

    If none of those steps listed above won’t work visit WGA Remover and install a patch.

    It worked for me..

    • Rich

      Jimmy, not to be difficult, but do you have access to the exact same patch for Office 2007?

      • Didn’t get the point.

        • Siddhartha Milan Shrestha

          please send me windows7 ultimate product key or I want the genuine product key of Windows 7 Ultimate 7600 rtm waiting please

          • sorry I don’t provide that

  • Marc Laurence

    Whew… excellent!!!! Tnx bro..

  • John G

    Hi ashfame,
    Your info on removal of WGA nusiance worked a treat.
    All i need to do now is to reclaim my Geniune Status before i try for further updates…i would appreciate any help you can offer.
    You are the TOPS.
    Many thanks.

    • Hi John!
      If your genuine product messed up with this message, then I think your product key has been blacklisted. Better get in touch with MS for this issue. Other companies will give you a new key after you are verified as a owner of a genuine key but I don’t know how MS will react. Hope that helps. 🙂

  • Phuc Le

    I have got a rid of the “Windows Genuine Advantage Notification” successfully by delete all wga files, which can be found simply from the “Search” mechanism.
    However, before this step, I have also open Registry Editor (regedit.exe from Run) and sought for wgalogon folder and deleted it.
    Good luck!
    Phuc Le

  • Alice Chan

    Hi!! Ashish Saini aka Ashfame,

    Just want to said “Thanks a lot” of your helpfull info.

  • bilal

    i want to close windows genuine updates notification

  • This is works! Superb! Thanks a lot! God Bless!

  • pran

    hey i wanted to ask you about this issue….
    after rebooting my comp every time “windows genuine advantage notification” dialouge box comes….

    and in the automatic updates section on the system tray a ques hangs around:

    “how do you want to install updates?” n it has two options:

    express install and custom install.. and donno which one to take..

    and plus the procedure of deleting wga files and going to regedit is already done long back by me…

    its just that windows genuine advantage notification is again popping up saying i should check if my win is lisenced or not…
    what shud i do next… help if you can.. thanks…

    • @pran
      Did you followed the above steps correctly? You probably missed something. I guess you didn’t uncheck the options of downloading WGA Notification Tool in Windows Update prompt which is causing that update to be installed again. follow the steps and you will be good. Lemme know if you have more issues.

  • sattanathan

    thanks for your idea problem is clear

  • Mahesh

    hey Ash…do u have any fix for Windows Vista 32 bit …or can i try the same in vista too…plssss let me know its too annoying here with this star sign on my system tray….

  • Rizwan

    jankari k liye Dhanyawaad…..lekin itni mehnat kaun krega..ek kam kr tu he thik kr diyo..kal milte h lib me aftr 3pm…ok daddy!!!!

  • Rizwan

    what is Softwr counterFeiting????

  • Loosgoose

    you obviously have cut & pasted those instructions, as in your step 6 says LAUCH instead of LAUNCH on many other googled websites. so who are we to believe???

  • @Loosegoose
    Its a common typo. I dont need to prove anything

  • Ty

    I have one related question to what you have explained. Just a little different.

    I have downloaded this Windows Genuine update to my computer not so long ago, but I haven’t install it. Since then the Windows Genuine Advantage Notification tool keep poping up everytime when I turnon or restart my computer. Is there any ways to cancle or remove this tool from my coputer?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @Ty
    The update can surely be deleted where it is saved in a temporary location but I am afraid that you will have to google it out yourself. You should be able to find it and you can also try installing it and then removing it as I have explained it here.

  • dd

    Ashfame, can this make WGA gone even if it is not pilot version?

  • Jenny

    Ashfame thanks for the tip!! it worked really well!! and you’re right to ignore immature a-holes like loosgoose! 🙂
    keep up the good work!

  • Pablo

    Well it s true it works and it removes the notification but with the newes WGA i mean 16/08/2009 you cant do windows update unless you do you r validation with WGA.

    • @Pablo
      I will have to see on this once I get back to work in a few days. I have a genuine copy so I will check if I can update without installing WGA.

  • MonMon

    I normally get rid of the notification by:

    1. Opening Drive(C:)

    2. Search for “Windows Genuine Advantage” on the drive

    3. Delete the folder Windows Genuine Advantage.

    4. Reboot

    Usually it works. But this time, it doesn’t work. I did as the same, but then after rebooting, that genuine thing pops up as well, leaving my screen black. And the worst thing is, the computer theme doesn’t load, leaving my computer with a lame, plain theme.

  • Hii..thanks for tutorial, now i’m enjoy with Windows..:)

  • @Pablo @Monmon
    My windows got updated by itself and now I have WGA installed as well as I guess. I am really running busy these days so I can’t investigate further. May be try some more googling 😉

    • mahesh

      i cant found wgatray.exe in my system

  • you can also have the cmd prompt set to delete the file and keep finger on carriage return, then kill process and click console window – bam, done.

  • Doug

    I have read your solution to WGA and am wishing to use it – the date today is 6th Oct 2009 will it work with the latest windows update systems without causing me other problems? I am a relative novice in these matters. Thank you

  • Nestor Correa Sr.

    any update about hardware and software, tks.

  • marck

    thanks alot Ashish for making this forum the instructions you have given to remove the wga notifications were great thanks again.

  • The most easier steps to remove Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications Installation Wizard permanently within 1 minute.

  • richard

    thanks a lot it worked great!



  • jm

    Is rebooting computer deletes/removes all the files/ programs installed on your computer?

    • Nope!
      Rebooting means restarting.

  • rishi

    Thanks a ton!! It worked after trying a hell lot of times!! Thanks again.

  • Amita

    Thanks! Thanks a lot Ashish for making this forum the instructions you have given to remove the wga notifications were great thanks again.

    • Good to hear that! And this is a blog, not forums 😛


    I have an easyer way than u taskmanager/processer
    2.then open c:\windows\system32
    3.then see wgatray.exe where it is
    4. then bring taskmanager/processer/ in front
    5. then end wgatray.exe
    6. as u end wgatray.exe then delete the wgatray.exe from windows32

    • Can’t say if that really fixes it.

  • No more WGA

    First I want thank Ashfame for helping people with this annoying problem. Also want to thank Phuc Le.

    I did what she posted and it worked like a charm. No more WGA Install screens when I reboot. I also did what Ashfame said to do to the Automatic Updates.

    Thanks both of you for helping me get rid of this annoyance that has been bugging me for over a year. I spent several hours on other sites trying to find the rememdy for this problem. So glad I found this site.

  • dilan

    i want remove windows genuine
    can u send me a file, for running to remove


    • Follow the instructions in the post.

  • This worked great thank you!!!
    [Please don’t use keywords in name]

  • i want remove windows genuine

    • That’s what the post is about. Are you using a different OS than XP?

  • I was facing the problem with my own PC at home.
    But thanks for the great help by you.

  • Kranti

    A more effective tool and guides are posted on [link moderated]
    That is really very helpful and easy to use.
    [link moderated]

    • Sorry but I don’t prefer to use any third party tools and patches because they can’t be trusted. They might them self be malicious.

  • Thanks this really work for me..thanks for share this information to me

  • I was annoyed by it sometime before but now I am genuine user that’s the simplest way to remove it.

    • Even I used Win XP genuine but I wrote the post when I fixed another computer which was not running a genuine OS. Now I am on Win 7

  • phil

    hi. i am not nerd enough to be sure about what i am doing so i am asking you to varify these actions: 1) i could not find wgatray.exe in the task manager; 2) ditto for step 4&5; found the spot in regedit, but was unsure about ae(alpha,epsilon)WgaLogon as it wasnt like in step three. i have a screen shot of that regedit so please reply so i can move on.

    • These are the instructions for Windows XP. Are you using Windows Vista or 7?

      • phil

        I am using XP Pro.

        • Pretty weird! Are you sure?

  • Tiff

    My issue is my labtop won’t go into safe mode.
    When I select safe mode it goes into an error message saying it has detected a problem and the whole system restarts itself. It just keeps doing that every time I try.

    • And it runs fine otherwise? Ask your friend Google about this 🙂

  • Microsoft does not permit us to do these stuff… but I think you’ve got everything covered… I switched OS because of these stupid notifications, got fed up of doing this every time I installed my OS… Though Windows 7 is much more liberal with this…

    • We are not doing anything wrong here. The notification somehow bugged several genuine users too. And I too made the switch to Windows 7 sometime back.

  • phil

    Re: your recent commment to me about “Not deleting from the registry”
    Your instructions say:
    “7.Browse to the following location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify
    8.Delete the folder ‘WgaLogon’ and all its contents”
    Anyway I cannot find that folder as it is designated with the”‘” and the “’”.

    • I said those are the instructions I found but didn’t work and then I wrote the instructions I followed. Read carefully.

      • phil

        went back and looked under C:\win\sys32 and could not find either WGALogon.dll or dllcache under C:\win\sys32\

        • In the post, there are two set of instructions. The former one don’t work now. You should use the later one. All this time you are sticking with the former one.

  • Prem vardhan

    See dude i’m having a fake vista on my pc and it recently started asking me about checking whether i’m having genuine version or not and gives two options one asking to ask the windows guys now and the other is ask later.One more thing to say is that i don’t find my wallpaper on the desktop but there is a black wallpaper which i have to replace every time i switch on my pc.This happens everytime i switch on my pc so can u say me some solution for this genuine checking thing.Waiting for your reply

    • Try googling for Vista specific steps. These are for XP users.

  • Prem vardhan

    dude by the way reply me to my email

  • phil

    There was no wgatray.exe process in Task Manager; there is no WgaTray.exe in C:\Windows\System32; there is no WgaTray.exe in C:\Windows\System32\dllcache (in fact there is no dllcache; and there is no folder ‘WgaLogon’ in HiKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify!
    Have any other ideas?

    • I said these are for XP, search on Google for Vista specific instructions.

  • phil

    so what happens when there is nothing to delete and this window genuine thing keeps on popping up?

  • phil

    I am XP!

    • You said you are running Vista in the first comment itself. Anyways if you are on XP, then read the post completely first. You are using the instructions which don’t work. Follow up the article.

  • phil

    Prem said he was running XP. Anyhow, follow up what article? Like I said none of those files exist on my CPU

    • I am sorry for the confusion. There are two set of instructions in the article. The latter one works. You are following the steps of former one. Please read the full article before actually doing anything.

      • phil

        i read through the article and keep on telling you that i cannot find the files that you are referring to; with one exception and could not delete it-it tells me that it may be disk protected or some nonsense. would uninstalling then resinstalling the suite be a better idea; i am afraid to do it since the microsoft files might put a block on such an action.

        • phil,
          Have you even read the whole post once? You wouldn’t be asking me this thing if you had.

    • Monish

      I agree with Phill.. even I don’t see wgatray.exe any where

  • phil

    I read through it several times and I have absolutly no idea what you are asking me to note. Nothing in the article exists on my (XP Pro) computer; no wgatray.exe in the task manager; no WgaTray.exe from C:\Windows\System32.
    no WgaTray.exe from C:\Windows\System32\dllcache; no folder ‘WgaLogon’ in RegEdit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows, no folder ‘WgaLogon’ in \CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify; even when i go to the control panel to do the “dont notify me………” no icon pops up to deselect the update you described.

  • phil

    the only thing i was able to find was the folder WgaLogon; i deleted it and rebooted but still have the problem; could i somehow get those files reinstalled so that i can start from the beginning?

    • You don’t need to get those files back. Can you describe step by step according to the steps in tutorial that you took?

  • phil

    i believe i had deleted the file wgatray.exe process in Task Manager; that was a while back when i had first found this website; then after all the other agony in-between i had managed to find the the folder WgaLogon and deleted it. i really screwed this one up!

    • I believe it still can be fixed by the above instructions in your case if its working for others too.
      Are you 100% sure that you followed the steps of removing wgatray.exe from those two folders while running in safe mode and the wgalogon folder in registry?

  • phil

    i didnt run anything insafe mode

    • Follow the instructions in the article first. You need to delete wgatray.exe from those two folders while you are in safe mode.

  • phil

    i need to start this from the top, namely to get the file rewritten so i can start all over; how do i do this?

    • Here, follow these instructions in order :

      Restart Windows XP in Safe Mode.

      Delete WgaTray.exe from C:\Windows\System32 (wait on the deletion confirmation dialog box and then open task manager to end wgatray.exe)
      When you are again prompted for a confirmation for terminating the process, align that confirmation box over the delete confirmation box.
      Press Yes on the Task Manager prompt and then quickly press Yes on the deletion confirmation. (You need to repeat this if you miss it)

      Delete WgaTray.exe from C:\Windows\System32\dllcache if its there and you can else skip it

      Launch RegEdit.

      Browse to the following location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify

      Delete the folder WgaLogon and all its contents

      Reboot Windows XP

      • phil

        this will not happen; i cannot find any of these files; is there a way to get these files rewritten so i can start from the top?

  • phil

    just tell me if it is possible-and how-to get back to where i was with this before i started deleting, etc. i didnt get the hide update anyway; if i can start from the top maybe i can get it right this time.

    • How can you go back deleting something without a backup? Actually you don’t even need to. Get someone techie to help you personally and follow these instructions.

  • Hey Bro! tnx for your idea! without your idea, I cant rid off the annoying star-like logo and the genuine notification and I need to buy an original one…I thoght I cant do it bcoz I not too “smart” for the remedy; the procedures, I cant understand it, im just 15 and didnt learn any about IT, i just watch from my friends how to do it…anyway…Can microsoft office can be installed from another with it to another w/o it without using installer and by just using flashdrive???I will be waiting for your reply…

    • You can’t just copy every software and expect it to work. Some do work but Ms Office wouldn’t. You can use OpenOffice from

  • phil

    ms office is working just fine except for the genuine ms notification; now the last question i will ever ask of you: “can i download the original files that started this whole thing-the notification pop up-so that i can try to remove it the exact way that you had specified: yes-this is the way you do it or no it cannot be done.

    • I think you can’t. But still you can try updating your windows if it allows you to. May be it will bring up the files again.

  • Thanks for this friend.., in fact i have searched for this a lot..

  • Woking!!!


    • Sometimes its necessary, sometimes its not. If it asks for a reboot, better do it. It doesn’t hurt. 😀

  • man

    today i have found an easiest tool that can remove the ugly windows genuine notification message. It is totally free to download and use. its download link:
    [moderated:it is recommended not to use 3rd party tools]

  • Siddhartha Milan

    my oparating system is windows 7 ultimate in Dell computer,when im opening system, my desktop colour automaticly changing in black colour (previous it was in another screen saver)and im getting windos genuine advantage
    1)it showing that you may be activation of software counterfeirting.

    2)this copy of windows did nt pass genuine windows validation.
    please help me.

    • I have no idea about doing it in Win 7 as it ditched it before. I have also replied to your email 🙂

  • primo vera

    Mr. Ashfame,

    Pls help me to remove “This copy of windows is not genuine”, i am using windows 7 Build 7600. Please send me the exact procedure what to do in my email address. Thanks

    • Sorry, I don’t know about Windows 7 because I don’t use it now.

  • dodge


  • Carl

    Thumbs up Ashfame for posting this man. WGA is a pain in the ass even tho I have a legit copy of windows. I hate microsoft. They over charge you anyway for all their crap. Great going man. I will pass this on to all my friends.

  • pherez

    dear all

    please do inform me of how to remove the wga from windows 7 ultimate edition,from the post seeminlg there is no one having a clue on this.i believe that from other sources you could find.i seriousely need this its cracking my head.thanks

  • suresh

    lot of thanx
    keep it up,

  • suresh

    Lote of thanx
    keep it up


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    Start using Windows 7, man

    • Some people still use XP buddy

  • jereeth

    Realy good, i cud solve the problem,tnx

  • ds

    but how remove it window7

  • sunil

    But i am unable to remove windows genuine notification in windows7.

    Please reply me about win7.

  • sunil

    i am unable to remove genuine notification in windows7.

    reply me about removing process from win7

  • This is works! Thanks a lot!

  • theFadedmoon

    I’ve found a simpler way to take care of this. You can find a program called Autoruns on or various other places. I used it regularly before this problem came up, anyway. Under the ‘everything’ tab in this program, just scroll down until you see the ‘Wgatray’ entry. just check the box next to it to disable it. Restart the computer. Then you can proceed with step 4 and finish deleting it without any quick clicking or tricks.

    • theFadedmoon

      Remember to click ‘save’ on autoruns before restarting your computer.

  • Dear

    Good Job.


    kamal Baghel

  • Nice tip! I used to do this back in the day too and it worked well.

  • shoaib

    i have got just one thing to say……..

  • Veronika

    Hi problem is I found system 32 file for the wgtray but it wont let me delete it, it says Im not authorized to do that wtf? Can someone help? Or is there some other way around it? Or something else I could do? Im going crazy! Thenks!

  • jay

    It can be updated or not. I tend to accidentally update the window. This method can be used every time or not. However, I appreciate the sharing.

  • Zafar

    Dear Ashish K Saini

    I have read your blog about removing WGA in XP. I have same problem with my window 7 ultimate. Please tell me how to remove WGA notification from Window7.i have search the the possible location but it did not work for me. Thanking you in advance for your help. Regards/Zafar

    • There is a link in the post itself.

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    • Link to Windows 7 fix is in the post itself.

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    • There is a link to another article in the post for Windows 7, check carefully

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    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify

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