Connect to BSNL Dialup internet

Earlier I have written about how you can connect internet on Airtel Mobile Office Dialup plan and now I am using BSNL internet dialup as a mobile option and as a backup option incase my BSNL broadband goes down.

Using Internet on BSNL

  • The user needs to recharge his prepaid BSNL number with a recharge voucher worth of 275 INR.
  • Then the user needs to activate GPRS on his/her number by sending a SMS "gprs pre" to 53733.
  • It will take approx 24hrs to activate GPRS on your number but it can vary at times.
  • After waiting for 24hrs, the GPRS should be activated by now.
  • Send a SMS "Nokia N86" (handset company name <space> model number) to 58355.
  • You will receive the settings for your handset in a short while through SMS.
  • Save all those settings by opening each of those messages by going to options and save configuration details.
  • Restart your phone.

If everything was done right and there is no issue from BSNL itself then the internet should be ready by now.

Connecting Internet on mobile

There will be several access points saved by BSNL (received as messages) which will be bsnlnet, bsnlmms, bsnllive, bsnlportal, bsnlwap and bsnlstream.

I was told by Customer Care account that bsnlnet can be used for connecting to internet on computer and  bsnlive for mobile but for me bsnlnet works on both mobile and computer. In any case, after completing this tutorial, your internet didn’t work then I would suggest connecting it will bsnlive or bsnlwap.

Set bsnlnet as default access point for internet or configure it application wise to use bsnlnet as the access point when connecting to internet. This varies a lot with the different range of handsets available today. I would point out the procedure in brief for Nokia phones.

Nokia phones

Go to Tools > Settings > Connection > Destinations or Access point and set it as your default access point. For further information search "configure access point on <mobile handset>" on Google and that should give you some success.

You should be able to use the internet by now, lets connect the phone to laptop or desktop and use internet on computer by using phone as modem.

Connecting Internet on computer (desktop / laptop)

Connect the mobile to the computer via a Bluetooth connection or via USB data cable.

Connecting mobile via bluetooth

Detailed instructions are here -

Connecting mobile via USB data cable

Connect the mobile via a USB data cable and select the mode of operation. Select as PC Suite. This is only applicable to Nokia users. For others select which connects the mobile as if its a mobile device only and not like to behave like a USB storage device (pen-drive or thumb-drive).

Establishing a dialup connection


Set up a new connection under your Network Sharing Center.


Select to set up a dial-up connection.


Dial-up phone number is *99***1# and leave username and password fields as blank.

Click on Connect.

If the internet is working fine on your mobile but it gives an error connecting (like PPP link was terminated) when used to dialup internet on computer then make sure bsnlnet is entered as Access point under Menu > Tools > Settings > Connection > Packet Data.

If you need any further assistance then I would suggest you contact BSNL Customer Care at +919414024365. I admit that they sometimes talk and suggest weird but they are the one logging complaints and providing support. If you need my help then feel free to leave a comment here and I will try to help.

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