Connect to BSNL Dialup internet

Earlier I have written about how you can connect internet on Airtel Mobile Office Dialup plan and now I am using BSNL internet dialup as a mobile option and as a backup option incase my BSNL broadband goes down.

Using Internet on BSNL

  • The user needs to recharge his prepaid BSNL number with a recharge voucher worth of 275 INR.
  • Then the user needs to activate GPRS on his/her number by sending a SMS “gprs pre” to 53733.
  • It will take approx 24hrs to activate GPRS on your number but it can vary at times.
  • After waiting for 24hrs, the GPRS should be activated by now.
  • Send a SMS “Nokia N86” (handset company name <space> model number) to 58355.
  • You will receive the settings for your handset in a short while through SMS.
  • Save all those settings by opening each of those messages by going to options and save configuration details.
  • Restart your phone.

If everything was done right and there is no issue from BSNL itself then the internet should be ready by now.

Connecting Internet on mobile

There will be several access points saved by BSNL (received as messages) which will be bsnlnet, bsnlmms, bsnllive, bsnlportal, bsnlwap and bsnlstream.

I was told by Customer Care account that bsnlnet can be used for connecting to internet on computer and  bsnlive for mobile but for me bsnlnet works on both mobile and computer. In any case, after completing this tutorial, your internet didn’t work then I would suggest connecting it will bsnlive or bsnlwap.

Set bsnlnet as default access point for internet or configure it application wise to use bsnlnet as the access point when connecting to internet. This varies a lot with the different range of handsets available today. I would point out the procedure in brief for Nokia phones.

Nokia phones

Go to Tools > Settings > Connection > Destinations or Access point and set it as your default access point. For further information search “configure access point on <mobile handset>” on Google and that should give you some success.

You should be able to use the internet by now, lets connect the phone to laptop or desktop and use internet on computer by using phone as modem.

Connecting Internet on computer (desktop / laptop)

Connect the mobile to the computer via a Bluetooth connection or via USB data cable.

Connecting mobile via bluetooth

Detailed instructions are here –

Connecting mobile via USB data cable

Connect the mobile via a USB data cable and select the mode of operation. Select as PC Suite. This is only applicable to Nokia users. For others select which connects the mobile as if its a mobile device only and not like to behave like a USB storage device (pen-drive or thumb-drive).

Establishing a dialup connection


Set up a new connection under your Network Sharing Center.


Select to set up a dial-up connection.


Dial-up phone number is *99***1# and leave username and password fields as blank.

Click on Connect.

If the internet is working fine on your mobile but it gives an error connecting (like PPP link was terminated) when used to dialup internet on computer then make sure bsnlnet is entered as Access point under Menu > Tools > Settings > Connection > Packet Data.

If you need any further assistance then I would suggest you contact BSNL Customer Care at +919414024365. I admit that they sometimes talk and suggest weird but they are the one logging complaints and providing support. If you need my help then feel free to leave a comment here and I will try to help.


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  1. Wow bro, your blog is pretty cool. I am a first time visitor here and now will be visiting regularly. These are good tips for any BSNL user who wants to have a back up internet. I use Airtel connection right now and I think I should probably get a BSNL one too. Thanks

    1. Hi Shiva,
      Thanks for your words! And you have got a nice blog too 🙂

  2. Well explained article Ashish. I do use BSNL both wired and EVDO BSNL connection. Yet not tested a dialup. May be someday I’m going to need this. So, thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Hi Arafat,
      Glad to know its useful 🙂
      You have got a nice blog, just change the logo to a better one. Looks like a word art right now.

  3. I use BSNL Wired connection. (OUT OF CONTEXT): I think BSNL folks have changed their portal? What do you say, have they? I dont have access to my data!

    1. I have never accessed the portal. Not even once. lolz 😀

  4. Sandeep Avatar

    Hello !
    Which is best handset for internet access for connect to PC.
    Which handset gives faster Internet.

    1. There is nothing like that. Any handset supporting EDGE will give good dialup speeds when your network also gives you that much speed (EDGE)

  5. Sandeep Avatar

    Which is best handset Nokia or Motorola for internet to PC.
    Reply me PLZ.

    1. Chose anyone supporting EDGE (every handset does have it these days). What made you comment by a different name? huh?

  6. Hey i need same gsetting for window7

    1. gsetting? This works on Windows 7. I myself did this on Win 7.

  7. plz help me its giving d same error like ppp link was terminated.. tell me wat to do?

    1. Try setting the access point to bsnlnet under Packet data settings.

      1. plese explain me where and how to enter the apn? as i’m getting the same erreor. Where is this Packet Data setting??

  8. BSNL Settings for iphone users:
    settings>>general>>network>>cellular data network>>apn and set bsnlnet there. Your internet will start working both on iphone and on your computer I use MYWI app for internet tethering.
    Nice blog Ashish.

    1. @Ksbnok
      Thanks for appreciating and sharing the settings for iPhone 🙂

  9. vishnu Avatar

    HI Saini! Thanks for your explanation! My laptop [lenovo G450] is not detecting the BSNL modem[CT800P] through USB![The Driver could not be installed!] My Operating System is Windows 7. Help me pls. Thank you!

    1. Hi,
      You will have to install the drivers first. Search on internet, download them and then install them.

  10. akash gautam Avatar
    akash gautam

    hi iam using samsung s3310 and it says like “ppp link was teminated”
    what should i do plzzzzzzzzzzzz help meeeeeeeeeee……………..

    1. The connection was refused from server side, contact their customer support and try at odd hours if you are being starve by excessive clients

  11. akshay Avatar

    when i connect my samsung s3310(BSNL) to pc using samsung pcsuite – it was written USER’S AUTHENTICATION COMPLETE but “PPP LINK WAS TERMINATED” PLLLLEEESE Heelllp me SOLVE THIS PROBLEM.

    1. Contact Custom Care support. I think its because of congestion in network (users using internet)

  12. bhagwan sahay yadav Avatar
    bhagwan sahay yadav

    Hello sir,
    I have a samsung sgm_j700 mobile connet my leptop but connet nahi ho raha h.
    dial up perpare but not connet.

    1. contact customer care if you can connect but not access internet

  13. sumit singh Avatar
    sumit singh

    Sir actually i have bsnl connection but not able to connect internet through dial up networking my hand set is nokia 6120 classic . Please help all the thigs are correct as u have mentioned but ppp link erroe was occured every and registration was not establishing Error 734 occured help me

    1. Contact Custom care, its a problem from their side, not yours.

  14. can this be done in datacards, as i have idea net setter which is unlocked..can i use this in my net setter..

    1. I am not sure about that.

    2. Sandiago Avatar

      you can use. first you can go to tools > option > prfile> new > create one profile apn is “bsnlnet”
      then set as default.
      then you have to register
      close the window un plug net setter .
      again insert, goto tools option > network> select network type if 3g select prefeered.
      then click registration mode>
      register. then connect

  15. can u plz tell me is this setting works for win7????

    1. yes! the screenshots are of win7 only

  16. hi iam getting the ppp error. my handset is GT-S3653. samsung corby. please help me connect wit my laptop. vista hme basic.


    1. Sandiago Avatar

      have u pc suit

  18. Dial up no for bsnl. *99***1#

  19. hello,
    i am using bsnl dial up net connection. but my new pc windows7 -64 bit. i installed the pc suite cd but not accepting. can u say which softwere may i install for using bsnl dial up net?

  20. Anandkrishnan Avatar

    Hello everybody,
    I am facing a problem with windows7. My connection (CT800P-bsnl wll) was working nicely on win 2000. When I upgraded to windows7, the modem is not detected.The CD provided by BSNL does not have windows7 drivers. I hv tried many drivers for windows7 on the net. But nothing is working. Any remedy pse from anybody?

    1. Sandiago Avatar

      no seperate driver, connect it automatically it will ask installation wizard then finish it. then create a dial up which dialler no is #777, then password your no.

    2. Sandip Singh Avatar
      Sandip Singh

      Hello Anandi I am facing same problem. please send the proccedure of CT 800P-BSNL WLL for window XP.

  21. Prasanna Avatar

    i am using samsung s3310,
    please help me out to change access point.
    thank u! 🙂

    1. Sandiago Avatar

      goto settings, application settings , internet profiles, delete all, then create new , addname , type apn as “bsnlnet”
      save and exit.then set as default

  22. Venkat Avatar


    i tried to create a dialup connection in my laptop,but it’s not getting connected.
    As my laptop has an in-built modem in it,i connected direct phone line to it and i tried. is there any other way to connect dialup through my laptop.

    1. Sandiago Avatar

      if you have bsnl mobile, which gprs enabled, connect it and install pc suit, then goto settings of pc suit internet connection type apn “bsnlnet” then you can connect.

    2. Sandiago Avatar

      because dial up speed is 56 kbps, but edge enabled gprs mobile speed is 384kbps

  23. There is an error as 734: the ppp link protocol was controlled while connecting to internet

  24. Hello I have a micromax 300 data card want to use bsnl sim in it what is the dail up no of Bsnl to start net

  25. sumit Avatar

    thnx bro. This bsnl sucks big time. But people like u are always there to help.

  26. Anshuman Avatar

    I am Using Micromax MMX 352G 7.2 mbps with BSNL 2G connection which works great on windows xp (virtual machine).But it fails to connect on Windows 7 using Micromax manager saying “Dialup Failed ” and when i try manually windows dialup gives “error 31”.
    I have reinstalled driver dozen of times, even in compatibility mode,they install just fine.
    Please Help !!

  27. i tried all the above information.
    i am trying to connect net on laptop using bsnl connection from my Samsung Star (GT-S5233) Handset. It gives me PPP link Protocol Error. I didn’t find packet data in Samsung Phone but i defined access point in connections under Network settings. please provide some suggestions.

  28. I m using micromax mmx352g (bsnl 2G).. when i click connect on my usb data card it shows me a message to creat a profile. when i creat profile cant able to save it. it throws me a error. i m using lenow G430 (windows XP).. plz help me

  29. ppp error is shown while i connect to the internet pls help me. i use windows seven

  30. anishkaml Avatar

    good yr


  32. Hi guys…. those,who are getting into problems to connect their Samsung phones with computers may change the dial up number *99**1*# in place of *99***1#. you will get positive results surely….. 🙂

  33. i have internet of in micromax q55 bling mobile.and want to connect to windows xp professional 32 bits pc. how?

  34. Sir,accutaly i have bsnl connection in my mobile 5233 nokia,i want to join through nokia pc suite to my computer,please i want to do manualy confriguation settings in nokia pc suite ,give me settings,i will fill

  35. sir i am using Sony ericsson xperia X8 smartphone. when i using the code *99***1# or *99**1*# i everytime found the error 633(modem is not properly installed or configured ), but i have installed it properly….please do help me…how i should connect…also there is no option in pc suite to connect with internet….

  36. MUTHUKUMAR Avatar

    hai I’m muthu, same problem I face my nokia E5, after I do two thing i.e. 1 I checked first my Access point see below.
    Go to Tools > Settings > Connection > Destinations or Access point and set it as your default access point. For further information search “configure access point on ” on Google and that should give you some success.
    After that remove my nokia E5 from Bluetooth windows and again add new devices >Next>Passcode>Yes>Yes and then Bluetooth OS connect Dial-up phone number is *99***1# and leave username and password fields as blank.
    Press Dial….. Sucessssss… to connect internet through Bluetooth…….

  37. Hai. im using samsung champ. can you pls explain how to create a dailup with idea 🙁 🙂 🙁

  38. for those who are getting the ‘PPP LINK PROTOCOL…’ error, i am sure they dont have the correct internet settings in their phone, and try to use *99# as an alternate phone number to dial .

  39. some people might not get good speed (for a normal user, 12 kbps through the mobile connected to a computer , for the computer is enough), as they might be situated far from the network tower, the same happened with me, i used aircel gprs, but their is less network in my place, so poor speeds of around 2 kbps in mobile and 1 kbps in pc, but i changed to airtel gprs, and it is working fine !

  40. Hi, my name is Rakesh. I have a teracom lw272 bsnl 3G datacard 3.6 mbps. When i cannect ,it is not connect easly. After trying so many times, it connect but seed is so slow like 1kbps. Device show no network access and the modem connect only EDGE not GPRS .after the connection the network change automaticly EDGE to GPRS, GPRS to EDGE. I set the APN is BSNLNET and dial n. Is *99# and i try *99***1# also but i can not access internet . Please someone give suggestin to solve my problem. My email address is

  41. I am using samsung Guru GT-E2152i but Iam not able to connect internet to my laptop I have used the dialup number *99***1#, but repeatedly the message is comming “Error Connecting the bluetooth connection” please suggest how to connect successfully.

  42. i m ussing vodafon k3770 net setter. other network r conected bt only bsnl is not conectting. plz help me


  44. roshan lal Avatar
    roshan lal

    i have dongle i want to use bsnl 2g sim card,plz tel me dialup no.apn no.conect name

  45. vignesh Avatar

    i want to know how to use different sim in vodafone broadband model no.k3770
    when inserting another sim it asking me to create manual settings how to do it . if you know the answer mail me the instructions to

  46. I have windows7 and nokia 5233 with ovi suite.How do i connect to internet using my mobile?Please help me…..

  47. Ashique Avatar

    Samsung Gt-s3653 how .it shows ppk error

  48. ppp error solution……..go to n/w connection ,select desired dialer connection and right click then properties then networking then setting and deselect enable lcp extension .
    second thing go to security and select typical setting