3 Reasons Why I shifted from Blogger to WordPress!


Themes It’s the eye candy that catches sight first. For the very same reason we customize things around our self for a rich lively experience. Not only it boosts the efficiency but also provide a quality time where you are spending time. We all deserve it. Although Blogger has plenty of themes but sometimes it can be a little hard to find the right one whereas WordPress just spice up things by offering a treasure of themes on the net. They are very much appealing, both to me and my visitors. I enjoy blogging and visitors should enjoy reading my blog. That’s the obvious reason for a theme. No one will have a Win98 theme on Win Vista.;)

Tweaking Human’s hunger for more will never die and nor will my blogging spirit. When it comes to adding features on your blog, editing the template again and again can be time consuming and a pain for those who are not much familiar with the html. I love editing my template but I always want to increase my productivity and WordPress makes things pretty easy as it supports tons of plugins that adds to a blog functionality and has split up the theme design in different files which makes it easier to implement a particular hack. Here at wordpress the productivity is high and also my inclination towards editing things myself. Now I have control over my blog as I always wanted.

Comments / Trackbacks You come across a good article and is willing to take part in a healthy discussion. The next step you are going to do is to comment on the post but the sad thing about Blogger is that it takes 3 clicks to comment and there is no option that you can keep yourself updated on the discussion. This discourages visitor to comment on them and hampers the Blog’s growth as only the visitors keep a blog alive. Alive Blog – Visitors = Dead Blog It also doesn’t natively support trackbacks and pingbacks. Blogger also doesn't offer smileys. Many of you will disagree about their usefulness in a niche like mine. But as someone has said "A picture is worth thousand words" and According to me smileys are worth just enough to convey your expression in the right manner. Here also WordPress deserves a mention as it makes all the interaction a chilling breeze.


Really Enjoying WordPress here! Since Blogger was the platform from which I started my blogging, I will also blog about things concerning with Blogger because it still have a little place in my heart and would love to help new bloggers.

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