WordPress Plugins to use WordPress as the ultimate CMS

WordPress is one of the best CMS as it can be tailored to suit any needs and the best part is that it is good enough for SEO and hosts a large database of plugins that enhance its functioning. Here I have listed some plugins that can make WordPress to act more as a CMS […]

How to find Guest Bloggers for you?

Guest Post : Ramkarthik is a blogger at Blogging Tune where he blogs about blogging and making money online. He is also a freelance writer for hire. Subscribe to his blog for more tips on blogging. There will be times for bloggers where they will need a guest blogger to make a couple of posts. […]

Make things easy for your Blog’s Readers

This is a guest post by Shankar Ganesh from Technology Blog. Your blog gets quite a number of visits, and probably a loyal reader turnout. But what if you’re not pleasing them, but rather annoying them with little niggles. Here are a few things you can improvise on your blog to achieve better user satisfaction […]

How to take control of the Page Navigation of WordPress

This guest post was written by Mayank of ReviewSaurus. For more free software reviews, visit ReviewSaurus.com Personally, I prefer that few things should remain under your control instead of any CMS and one of them is the way I want to display the Links in the TOP Navigation (usually, the about us, company, contact and […]

3 Untalked Sources of Traffic

What every blogger wish for his/her blog? No, not money. Its traffic that rules blogosphere. Rightly believe, traffic is essentially good for a blog to survive and keep the blogger in spirit to continue with his blog as traffic provide him/her the inspiration to blog and the fact that people are visiting his/her blog & […]

10 Tips to make blogging stress free for new bloggers

Blogging is not a easy job unless you are serious about it and have the burning passion in you to make your blog stand out of the crowd because of your smart work (Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart)

3 Reasons Why I shifted from Blogger to WordPress!